This is an Effective and Proven Way to Get Rid of Stripes on the Face


The face is one of the areas that are prone to spots. This fact may upset you because stripes on the face are certainly very disturbing appearance. However, you don’t need to panic, because there are several ways to get rid of facial stripes that can be done.

Patches in the medical world are referred to as hyperpigmentation. This condition can occur because you have too much sun exposure, age factors, hormones, consumption of certain drugs, and use of certain cosmetic products on the face. Skin patches or hyperpigmentation can be temporary or permanent. Typically, striped skin can be the result of the following:

•             Sun exposure

•             Pollution

•             Age

•             Treatment

•             Hormones

•             Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be a permanent condition. But fortunately, about 80 percent of cases of skin patches on the face can be cured by a variety of ways to treat skin patches, from natural to medical treatments.

How to get rid of stripes on the face naturally

Before you try chemical products on the market, there is nothing wrong with trying to get rid of facial stripes naturally. Here are three natural ways to get rid of facial stripes that you can try:

• Aloe vera

This plant contains aloesin which can inhibit excess melanin production on the face. Melanin itself is a substance that affects your skin tone, including if you have patches on your face. You can apply aloe vera gel to areas of the skin that have patches. Aloe vera is known as one of the most popular natural ingredients for treating facial conditions. One of them is removing the striped face and beautifying it. No wonder many beauty products (such as face masks) contain aloe vera ingredients.

• Licorice

The glabridin content in licorice is claimed to function as an antioxidant. This substance also has a skin whitening effect, so it is often considered as a way to deal with striped skin. You can apply licorice cream to areas of the skin that have patches.

• Green tea

This leaf has antioxidants, green tea is said to treat skin patches caused by melasma and sun exposure, thereby helping to make the skin tone more even. Even so, this claim still needs further research.

While undergoing facial treatments using the ingredients above, don’t forget to also take precautions so that the skin stripes don’t get worse. Things you can do, for example, always use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen evenly and does not squeeze pimples on the face (if any).

How to get rid of facial stripes with medical means

If the method for dealing with striped skin naturally does not work on your face, you may indeed have to take a medical method. This method is usually more effective, even quicker to solve the problem of striped skin, but is more expensive and often requires you to go back and forth to the doctor or Vial Dermatology CRO for beauty so that you can monitor the progress of your treatment. Several ways to treat skin patches on the face with medical means include:

• Peeling

The way to deal with this one-striped skin is done by applying certain chemical fluids to the facial skin. This fluid then enters the inner layers of the skin so that the skin will peel off and produce a new, healthier skin layer. As long as new skin is not formed, your facial skin will experience redness, even a little sore. This condition can last a few days (for mild peels) to 2 weeks (for people who are peeling using a substance called phenol).

• Microdermabrasion

The microdermabrasion procedure is performed to accelerate the production of collagen in the skin as well as to remove the outer layer of skin that is darker in color than its surroundings. Unfortunately, this method also has side effects in the form of a reddish face and cracked skin.

• Laser light treatment

This method of removing stripes on the face has been tested to even out skin tone in general, including to fade hyperpigmentation due to age and sun exposure. However, this laser treatment itself has the side effect of hyperpigmentation in the area around the skin being lasered. For this reason, you should make this treatment the last option in dealing with striped skin on the face. During the treatments above, there is nothing wrong with covering the striped skin on your face with makeup for a while. Some cosmetic products that you can use to cover this striped skin include foundation, a moisturizer that matches your facial skin, and concealer. Also, drinking water regularly is good for the health of your skin.

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