3 Approaches to Oral Care

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No matter your age or where you live, oral health care impacts everyone. You only get one set of adult teeth, and it is important to take care of them properly. Tens of millions of Americans neglect to see a dentist every year, but doing so is a vital part of overall oral health. Whether you are looking for basic dental care or cosmetic dentistry Plymouth, here are three areas to consider.


A good place to start is to explore the facts. The American Dental Association is a great resource for all things oral care. Most dental issues can be avoided simply by brushing and flossing regularly. Another key to maintaining good oral health is to see a dentist at least once a year. Doing so can avoid most oral hygiene issues and dental diseases.


If you don’t brush and floss regularly or go to see the dentist annually, you are at a much greater risk for things like cavities and dental disease. Many dentists offer their own insurance plans if you don’t have a dental plan of your own. The cost of preventative care and maintenance is generally less than the cost of treating issues down the road. In addition, nobody likes to get cavities filled or have root canals performed.


Perhaps you maintain good oral health and hygiene habits, and you understand how important a smile can be. A bright, white smile can improve your self-esteem and provide a good first impression to others, personally and professionally. If you are looking to really raise the bar, you might consider professional teeth whitening or straightening. These two procedures can really put you over the top when it comes to a smile that stands out, and the investment is often considered well worth the reward.

Oral health is an important aspect of your overall self-care. Make maintaining your teeth through basic care and prevention a priority, and don’t lose sight of the benefits that aesthetic care can provide.… Read More..


Get the Repair Kits You Need and Save Money Over Buying a New Handpiece

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The cost of dental handpieces can be shocking for anyone not familiar with the industry. You don’t have to pay excessive prices if you get the repair kit you need and do the work on your own. The parts and tools are available for a wide variety of makes and models. Quit losing valuable time sending things in for repairs.

Handpiece Repair Tools Kit

Dental handpieces are small, delicate tools that require specialized devices to crack them open to repair. You can now purchase handpiece repair tool kits that include everything you need to open up the casing without damaging anything. It allows you to replace any of the parts you need to get it operational again.

O-Rings for Most Makes and Models

O-rings are an important component that keeps a dental handpiece functional. You can easily find the replacement kits for all types of makes and models. All are made of durable materials that will last for many uses.

Push-Button Rebuild Kits

The push-button assembly on your dental handpiece can eventually get cracked and allow water to access the electrical components. Grab the handy push-button rebuild kit and get it back to new working order. Protect your tool from corrosion and unsanitary water infiltration during the job. Protect your patients from germs and bacteria.

Repair Quickly and Save a Ton of Money

Having your dental handpiece break down can force you to turn away business during the repair process. Sending it off for repairs only delays the time you are down. Learning to repair the equipment yourself can save a lot of money on the cost of having a professional do the job. It can also help you keep the equipment in good order and avoid paying replacement prices.

A dental handpiece repair kit is the fastest way to get your equipment operational on the occasion it actually breaks down. Save time, money, and frustration by performing the repairs yourself.… Read More..


Why You Need to Seek Dental Treatment for Oral Pain

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A sudden sharp pain in your mouth after drinking something cold or hot is not a normal experience for a healthy mouth. Any oral pain that comes on suddenly and stays, or is fleeting, should push you to make an appointment with a good dentist. Dental pain can be some of the worst to control and is a strong signal that your oral health is in jeopardy.

The Possibilities of Infection

Pain can be an indication that you have the start of an infection somewhere in your mouth. If the pain worsens, expands, and is accompanied by a fever, you need to make a dental appointment right away. Oral infections can be serious and lead to unwanted complications.

Signal of a Growing Dental Problem

Tooth or jaw pain that hits periodically, but never sticks around is still a cause for concern. A healthy oral cavity will not experience any pain when chewing, drinking liquids, or when exposed to cold. Tooth sensitivity and mouth pain are a sign that you have a growing problem that needs to be addressed before it gets worse.

Get Repairs Done Early

The sooner a dentist can see a problem and offer the right solution, the better the chances are your oral health will improve. Infections and pain can lead to the loss of work and a generalized decline in your overall health. Having dental problems fixed right away reduces the chances of further problems.

Avoid Tooth Loss through Decay

Once decay begins, you can lose an entire tooth in a short amount of time. Catching it at the right time gives repair options to cosmetically get your smile back. Don’t wait too long after pain hits to begin seeking the solutions. Fillings, crowns, veneers, and more can all be done to preserve the tooth.

If dental pain has you down, make an appointment with the dentist Coral Springs area residents trust to keep their smile white, bright, and healthy.… Read More..

dental implants

Dental Implants Defined – What are Dental Implants?

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Dental implants simply put are implants that are input surgically into the jaw bone. So for example if you have 2 missing teeth, what a dentist would then do is surgically put those 2 teeth back having the root of that artificial tooth drilled into your jaw bone. Now I know when I say drilled you get chills running up and down your spin and a sensation of painful thoughts checks in. nothing could be further from the truth this is easy and simply and most importantly painless procedure. This is how it would look like.

Here is a point to note. This is a revolutionary technology compares to dentures or bridges where you had sensitive teeth, had to worry about what you ate, chipping the tooth again, or even having to remove it on a daily basis. Dental implants give you a strong permanent tooth that you can use on a daily basis without having to have any of those worries. It’s is a one size fits all solution.

So if you are looking for a dentist in Nairobi that has the technical know-how , skills and experience to do this for you then visit our website and give us a call today!

That was a small commercial break. Now on to the next topic or question, what are the benefits of having implants done? Great question!

The Benefits of Dental Implants.

Now just words of caution, these benefits are not really relevant if you do not have a great dentist in Nairobi that is able to do dental implants for you. So making sure that you have a dentist that has the level of experience that you need him to have is vital for you. Just food for thought so without further a due here are the benefits that dental implants provide for you.

  1. They are comfortable. So as previously stated, once you get an implant it feels like it’s not only part of your teeth but like your teeth since its connected to your jaw its literally now a part of your mouth so you will not feel any difference between the implant your other teeth.
  2. Eat with ease. I think we have already talked about this and covered this in detail but all in all this is where the difference between dentures and implants really becomes important. Dentures are not implanted like implants so they can move around every once in a while.
  3. Gives you better oral. Now what I mean by this is that when eating and food gets stuck in your teeth, if you have gaps in your teeth that food can creep into without you really noticing you got a problem. However, with implants all gaps that can be there are sealed off.

Those are the three main benefits of getting implants that you need to know about.


Now just to conclude there are many dentists in Nairobi that are now offering so make sure before getting dental implants done that … Read More..

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When Life Brings The Unexpected

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It’s Saturday afternoon, and you are enjoying a typical weekend at the fields with your young ones.  You smile, admiring your son as he proudly stands on the pitcher’s mound. The batter swings, and the ball flies to the center.  Unfortunately, rather than making the catch, the ball flies into your child’s face. Blood is pouring from his mouth. A permanent tooth is loose. What do you do? How do you handle these events over the weekend? Understanding how to quickly manage dental emergencies is important in protecting your child’s mouth and health.

Be Prepared

Playing sports is a great pastime for children; however, injuries may occur. Consider keeping a medical emergency bag in the car. Accidents to the face can seem scary. Having some supplies on hand may ease the pain and mess. Have a clean washcloth and plastic bag. High impact hits and falls can sometimes cause bleeding. Clean the wound as quickly as possible. A bottle of water and washcloth will help you see the cuts or damage. It will also wipe away the dirt and germs. If swelling occurs, grab an icepack from your cooler, wrap the wash cloth around the ice pack, and throw it in the plastic bag for easy use. The cold may help ease inflammation.

Seek Professional Help

While some injuries may not seem dangerous, it is best to seek professional help.  For issues with teeth, you may be able to see a dentist. Online you could search pediatric dentist jacksonville fl and locate an office with an after hours hotline. The dentist may offer to view a photo image of your child’s injury to determine the severity of the issue. If you suspect injury to the jaw has occurred or the tooth has fallen out, the emergency room would be able to provide services.  

Enjoying time with your kids is exciting. Sometimes life will throw a curveball. Being prepared will help ease the stress for you and your child.… Read More..