Curious about Cosmetic Dentistry? Common and Popular Treatments to Restore Your Smile!


When it comes to cosmetic dental care when you are looking for a surgery to have performed you will want to choose one that can offer a myriad of options.

Variety is the spice of life and while you may have an idea of what you will want from having a cosmetic dental treatment, there may be different options that can achieve the end result faster and cheaper than the one you had in mind! Hence, it is also important to choose an experienced cosmetic and dental implant clinic in Stockton to carry out your treatment.

But what are some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures that you will likely come across time and time again in your online search? Read on to find out!


The old standby of filling a gap with dentures and fitted bridges is long-gone!

Today, any cosmetic and dental implant clinic near Stockton will aim to provide its patients with oral implants to conceal gaps and restore functionality to the mouth.

A more permanent solution to missing teeth, there are 4 main types of implants you can get; traditional endosteal, subperiosteal, zygomatic and mini implants.

Depending on your clinical presentation, your dentist will choose the most suitable option for you.


Of course, where would any cosmetic and dental implant clinic by Stockton be without traditional tooth whitening?

Using an oxidising gel, your dentist can remove the most stubbornly set stains and whiten your smile up to 16 shades. They may also be able to offer you an at-home treatment to use, which can help keep your smile looking its whitest for longer.


If the idea of having an oxidising gel painted on sounds uncomfortable, you may want to opt for veneers as an alternative whitening treatment.

Like false nails for your teeth, porcelain veneers are placed over the front of your teeth and held in place with dental cement. Able to whiten your teeth, conceal cracks and chips while also concealing small gaps, these are a versatile cosmetic option.

Also, if you do suffer from dental sensitivity, veneers actually cover those microscopic holes that can cause the twinge when you sip hot tea, thus resolving the issue for the next 15 – 20 years. Fantastic!


The world of cosmetic dentistry would be nothing without the adult aligners.

Usually clear or invisible, braces like Invisalign can move your teeth into their desired position without the use of metal and brackets, allowing you to achieve that Hollywood worthy smile without attracting unwanted stares.

And with the accelerated treatment time from adult aligners and braces, what have you got to lose?


Considered a restorative procedure, a crown can be crafted to restore the appearance of a damaged or eroded tooth.

Using a mixture of composite, porcelain and some specific dental shaping, your dentist will be able to restore your tooth to its former functionality. With the skill of modern dental teams, you won’t even notice that you have a crown fitted!

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