When Accidents Happen


The most common way that a dental injury can occur is when a person is moving and they suddenly come into contact with a stationary object. This accounts for almost half of all dental accidents. Interestingly, males report dental incidences three times more often than females and teenagers are at most risk.

When a person loses or chips a tooth as a result of an injury or accident, there are a few things they can do to salvage the situation as best as they can. Competent dentists are able to reinsert a lost tooth given the right circumstances so it is critical that the injured person seeks assistance from an emergency dentist in Southgate immediately.

By remembering some of these helpful tips, a patient can give their avulsed tooth the best possible chance they can in having it reinserted, and to limit the chances of infection as well as problematic circumstances that could arise with their remaining teeth.

What can be done to save a knocked-out tooth?

When a knocked-out tooth is found, a little bit of knowledge can go a long way in being able to salvage the situation as best as one can. Always pick up the tooth by the crown and not the root, as the root is fleshy and any damage to it should be avoided.

If the tooth is dirty, do not rub, scrub or rinse the tooth in water. By cleaning it very lightly in a saline solution, saliva or milk, vital tissue can be saved. In addition to this, if the tooth can be replaced in the mouth, the patient should do this. This is the best way to transport a tooth as long as it is not swallowed in the process!

Should the tooth not be able to be reinserted, then placing it in a container of saline solution or milk is the best option. Water can make the cells of the tooth expand and burst; it does not preserve the tooth as well as other options.

It is obviously paramount that an individual makes it to a dental practice as soon as possible and if this is not an option within an hour or so, then they should head to a doctor’s emergency room. By speaking with a dentist, they are able to provide more detailed information regarding the exact situation that has occurred.

Baby teeth are a different story. They cannot be replaced so the focus should be on alleviating pain and distress in the child. It is still important to visit the dentist as quickly as possible as they will need to examine the area to ensure no further damage has been done.

It may be necessary to insert a spacer between other baby teeth in order to allow for adequate space for future adult teeth to grow. This device simply prevents the remaining baby teeth from spreading out and cramping the future teeth as they grow underneath.

By contacting a dental practitioner as quickly as possible following a dental injury, patients are able to salvage a situation and even perhaps save a lost tooth.

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