A Range of Treatment Plans to Get On The Straight And Narrow


There are several quite surprising benefits to having teeth straightened that people don’t necessarily think about when they opt to have clear braces in Clapham. An individual’s overall health is certainly improved after they have straightened their teeth and removed the chance of greater injury, bad breath, and tooth decay and loss.

During treatment as well, many people report that they are more conscious of what they put into their mouths and as a result, the 4 pm snack goes out of the window. If a patient needs to remove their aligner and brush their teeth just to have a KitKat, many opt to just guzzle another litre of water instead.

On the flip side, there are quite a few negative impacts of leaving slightly misaligned teeth the way they are. Patients can find that they wear out their tooth enamel when teeth do not align properly against one another when they chew. They can also find that they experience pain in their teeth, gums, and jaw which can be a sign of something more serious such as a crossbite or an overbite.

By talking to a dentist about the opportunities to straighten their teeth with one of the many modern devices that are available, patients are able to gain an insight into what they can do for their smile and how long it will take. From there, they can make an informed decision about what choice is best for them and their lifestyle.

What styles are available?

There are two different kinds of devices that are available to patients; fixed and removable. The fixed versions are the bracket and wire type that are alike to the traditional kind that is available, but they are transparent, making them harder to see so people can be more confident with their smile during the treatment.

The removable options are more like a mouthguard which is snapped over the teeth and new aligners are worn after every few weeks to gently push the teeth into the right alignment.

How are they different from traditional models?

It does need to be said that extremely twisted and badly crooked teeth cannot be fixed by these convenient solutions alone. It may be necessary to have a combination of different aligners or to stick with traditional methods in order to correct complicated cases.

If a patient is very concerned about what the procedure is going to entail, a dentist will make sure that their fears and concerns are alleviated by providing them with a detailed overview of what they are to expect. Modern procedures are a lot less painful than they were several years ago and methods are constantly improving to shorten the treatment time and to make it more comfortable. Dentists are aware that patients wish to straighten their teeth discreetly and quickly and that many of their patients are adults who wish to straighten their teeth to improve their oral health and to improve the appearance of their smile. By seeking to meet the needs of these patients, dentists aim to make the teeth straightening procedure more suitable for everyone.

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