Everything You Should Know About Outsourcing Dental Billing


Nowadays, dental practices choose to outsource billing companies to ensure that everything functions properly. However, most practices still do not understand the importance of finding a third-party billing service, especially since it is a new approach.

You should know that deciding whether you should keep dental billing in-house or outsourcing is challenging and significant. It is an approach that will affect your business in numerous ways.

That is why we decided to help you understand everything about outsourcing remote dental billing, which will help you determine the best course of action.

Things You Should Know About Outsourcing Dental Billing

Finding a third-party billing company means contracting insurance service to an agency specialized in this work. In most cases, in-house members dealt with these tasks, which became expensive and time-consuming.

If you wish to reduce expenses and costs of training and labor, you should find a third-party service to help you out with the process.

Remember that these expenses include hiring a front desk administrator, training, and dealing with all tasks within your offices in the dental office.

Therefore, you can either pay someone to work directly for your office or train someone from your current team, which means you will have a long waiting time, leading to severe expenses in the long run.

Instead of waiting for your team to learn everything or pay for an administrator within your house, you can reduce overall expenses by creating a contract with a company specializing in dental billing, which is an important consideration to remember.

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Advantages of Outsourcing Dental Billing

1.   You Can Streamline a Billing Process

If you wish to create an office, you will need to create an insurance billing process that requires a few steps, including:

  • A patient makes an appointment and provides you with protected health information and insurance info to your office.
  • Then you should enter the PHI into the software.
  • Your dental personnel will conduct an insurance verification before an appointment
  • The next step is patient reaching to you for an appointment
  • Afterward, your team should create an insurance claim with an idea to get the amount you desired.
  • The insurance company will receive a dental claim by using specific software.
  • Finally, an insurance company will make payment to your office after processing a claim. Finally, you will obtain a patient ledger, which is the last step along the way.

By choosing a third-party billing office, you will get proper verification regarding a claim created by the office and handle the rest of it.

Therefore, a company will ensure to send all claims, file them accurately and process them so that you can get the payment from an insurance company.

The company you choose to outsource will be responsible for posting insurance payments and creating accurate ledgers. However, keep in mind that some claims do not get compensation, which is why a billing service will request a comprehensive report you can analyze afterward.

As you can see from the things we stated above, the process of filing claims and receiving money is daunting and time-consuming.

Therefore, you should find a third-party company that already comes with experience, expertise, and time to devote their time to researching various claims.

Keep in mind that filing outstanding claims is essential for getting the payment, which means that you may lose money if you do it without proper knowledge.

That is why you should create a more streamlined process than before to ensure you submit them on time and properly, follow up the regulations, and promptly get the payment.

2.   Your Team Will Be More Patient-Focused

Since dental billing is a process that requires dedication and time, you should ensure the accuracy that will provide you with desired payment.

When you outsource an agency, your dental team can focus on patient experience while handling administration.

That way, you can reduce the time spent on the billing process, which means you can save both time and money in the long run. In addition, with more time, you can explain treatment plans and insurance coverage to your patients beforehand.

You can connect better with patients while having a better understanding of the insurance possibilities they have. That will help you gain more significant acceptance from patients, ensuring higher revenue and profit as time goes by.

You can also save time with insurance agents’ reports, submission claims, and posting payments. You should check out this site: https://www.thebalance.com/dental-insurance-2386083 to learn more about dental insurance.

Therefore, when you outsource a billing agency, they will handle reports, submission, and post payments on your behalf, which will provide you an additional focus while reducing the common mistakes that may affect your business.

Common Mistakes Dental Offices Make While Billing

  • Appointment Scheduling – Remember that you do not have to tie phone lines because you talk with insurance companies. It is a common problem that patients cannot get a hold of you because you are talking with an agent about a particular issue. Remember that a single missed appointment can lead to significant revenue loss.
  • Data Entry – You must be as accurate as possible when it comes to demographic and insurance information. In case you make a single mistake, an insurance company will not pay you a cent. Unfortunately, human error is a common problem, especially among unprofessional personnel, which is why you should find an agency responsible for each step along the way.
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