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Table of Contents How does it work?Invisalign versus traditional braces: What is the difference?Is it suitable for everyone?A closer look at the processInitial consultationsPhotographs and X-raysPrep workFirst fittingChanges in the mouth Everyone knows that a straight and beautiful smile can significantly affect people’s well-being and confidence. As a matter of […]

Everyone knows that a straight and beautiful smile can significantly affect people’s well-being and confidence. As a matter of fact, more or less 60% of individuals are reported that their straight teeth make them happier and more confident. So when a treatment like Invisalign can help correct tooth misalignment to deliver an excellent smile, why would people not consider it?

More or less four million North Americans are currently using services like Invisalign to help improve their physical appearance and oral health. Now more than ever, people are starting to opt for corrective treatment services, and around one in every four brace wearers are 21 years old or older.

And that is because of the advancements in modern dental treatments. With the introduction of Invisalign, the embarrassment that usually accompanied wearing conventional braces is lost. With this technology’s clear aligners, braces are now almost, if not virtually, invisible.

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This technology is a modern therapy that uses computer-generated molds to correct or realign teeth that are set or growing incorrectly. With these supports- usually called aligners – users will have a healthy, comfortable, and beautiful smile, confident knowing that their teeth are set perfectly straight. It is a perfect treatment for teens who need corrective work.

It is less problematic compared to conventional therapy, while also offering flexibility; this treatment sets, people, especially teens, off on the right dental health throughout their teen life. This article will take a closer look at the advantages of Invisalign, the type of clear aligners best suited to people’s needs, and why they are the best choice for dentists around the world.

How does it work?

As already stated above, Invisalign is a dental treatment that correctly aligns people’s teeth. But what does that mean? Well, here is how it works. It uses clear aligners designed for computer-generated impressions and images took from the patient’s mouth by the orthodontists and their team to change the position of their teeth.

While conventional braces make use of fixed wires to help pull the teeth into straight alignment, this technology aligns the teeth by using molds that force dentin into their improved and new position. It is a simple explanation of the general process.

Invisalign versus traditional braces: What is the difference?

Both things are intended to improve the dentins’ alignment to help produce a beautiful and straighter smile, as well as better dental health. While dentists and orthodontists have used conventional supports for many years, this technology is a modern concept intended to meet people’s needs. It has tons of benefits like other dental treatments, but these are for people to decide upon. Although there are some similarities between the two, there are also some differences. Listed below are some of the differences.

Clear versus visible – While these aligners are made from BPA-free and see-through plastics, which renders them pretty invisible to other individuals, conventional braces are made from elastic bands and metal wires. It makes them more visible that can cause more anxiety for patients.

Convenience – These things can be removed from the patient’s mouth whenever necessary through various guidelines. It suggests patients wear them for at least 20 hours per day. In contrast, conventional braces can’t be removed since they have stuck to people’s dentin by wires.

Treatment length – The process of this technology is a lot shorter compared to the usual treatment period for conventional braces. Because of how it works, patients only have to wear this thing for six to eighteen months, whereas patients need to wear conventional braces for at least two years to get substantial results.

Cost – The baseline cost for these braces tends to be a lot higher compared to traditional ones, though the costs are not that different. Ceramic braces tend to be more expensive. Talk to your dentist about the exact cost of Invisalign.

Is it suitable for everyone?

This product is suitable for almost anyone who wants to arrange their dentins in an orderly fashion or wants to improve their smiles.

Teens – It can help correct misalignments in teen’s teeth. This kind of brace is ideal for teenagers because they use a clear aligner to achieve improved dental health and a beautiful smile. It is pretty useful as teen years are usually fraught with self-consciousness. With easier use and shorter treatment times, this treatment is an excellent solution for teens who want a winning smile.

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Adults – More adults are taking control of their oral health and choosing corrective dental work. This product is best for adults who want to achieve an improved smile without using a highly visible metal brace. It is also ideal for people who want flexibility in their alignment procedure.

People needing corrective procedures on the back of their teeth may not be suitable for this product. To get professional opinions on the suitability of this treatment, just contact dental professionals like dentists or orthodontists.

A closer look at the process

Now let us take a closer look at the Invisalign process. Although it may change slightly depending on the patient’s situation, we will detail the treatment steps that most individuals experience during the process.

Initial consultations

During this step, dental professionals will invite patients into the clinic to have physical consultations with well-experienced and highly trained professionals. During the consultation, the professional will discuss the step-by-step process, how it works, and how much it will cost the patient. This way, people have all the info they need to make informed decisions.

Photographs and X-rays

X-rays will be taken during the initial consultation after the patient has decided to go ahead with this treatment. The clinic will take a couple of photographs and x-rays of the face, teeth, and mouth from different angles so that they have a detailed look at the mouth mechanics to base their dental work on.

Prep work

Some people may need some composite patches applied to their dentins to help the Invisalign grip into each tooth and help move them. Every patient is different, and all will need patching. These patches are made from the same composite materials as fillings and will be removed pretty easily and without discomforts at the end of the process.

First fitting

Patients will receive the first feel of their braces in the same visit as their pre-work is done. Clear aligners are modeled from their impressions and need to feel tight and right when first put on.

Changes in the mouth

When patients start to wear their clear aligners, they will feel some peculiar and strange changes going on in their mouths. It is perfectly normal and part of getting used to the brace. Conventional braces have similar side effects.

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