What to Do if You are Likely to be Infertile


Becoming parents is one of the greatest desires of many people. But what should one do when a husband and wife have been trying to have a baby for months, and nothing happens? The first step is to use DNA testing with DNA centre services to find out if there is any biological impediment that does not allow fertilisation. In modern society, many people live with stress most of the time. This factor can cause problems with sperm motility, preventing them from having enough energy to reach the egg and fertilise it. Laboratories have developed a fertility test that you can do at home to know how motile your sperm is. This test includes instructions that tell you the conditions for you to do it. For example, you should wait between 3 and 5 days since your last ejaculation. It is important to note that the results of this test should not be considered definitive.

Science can help you

Even if a couple cannot conceive a baby naturally, science has developed methods that allow a couple to have a child. The best known is “in vitro” insemination, where a doctor takes an egg and fertilises it with sperm. Once the egg is fertilised, the doctor places it inside the mother’s womb to develop into a baby. In other cases, another woman’s womb may act as an incubator. Although some people and organisations are against these methods, for others those are the only possibilities to have a baby. The downside of these medical procedures is that they are too expensive, and not all couples can afford them.

You may have to make difficult decisions

If a couple discovers that one of them is infertile and there is nothing to do about it, there may come a time when they will have to make difficult decisions. These decisions will depend on the level of commitment you have to each other. In the worst case, the couple may decide to separate so that the fertile one can find another partner to start a new family with. Although this sounds wrong, everyone has the right to pursue their goals, even if others are unable to do so. That is why some couples decide to adopt, even though this can be a complicated process in most countries. Whatever decision a couple makes, they should do so with a focus on what is best for each other. It is selfish to think one person should stay with another out of pity. Doing so will generate stress for the couple and end up causing a more painful breakup.

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