What is dentistry and Why is it Important that Individuals Undergo a Regular Dental Health Care Check-Up at their Local Dentist Meath?


Dentistry is also known as dental and oral medicine, it involves the diagnosis and prevention of oral diseases such as gum disease. Although many of the general public may believe that dentistry is just limited to teeth, this is not true, as dentistry also covers the study of the nerves within the mouth, amongst other things. It is extremely important that individuals visit their local dental surgery frequently for a wide array of reasons, one of which being to prevent dental disorders (as well as maintaining dental and oral hygiene). Patients may undergo dental cleaning during a dental check-up, a scale and polish remove tartar and plaque from the surfaces of the teeth.

Are there a variety of forms of dentistry at an individual’s local dentist Meath?

Yes, the most commonly thought of the form of dentistry may be general dentistry. General dentistry covers a wide array of treatments such as fillings, and a scale and polish. A scale and polish is a rigorous cleaning treatment that may be undergone during a dental check-up (individuals are advised to visit their dentist every six months). One other form of dentistry is cosmetic dentistry.

What is cosmetic dentistry and why do certain individuals choose to undergo cosmetic dentistry at their local dentist Meath?

Cosmetic dentistry consists of tooth whitening, veneers, and other treatments to improve the aesthetic appearance of an individual’s smile. Individuals who decide to undergo cosmetic dentistry may also be suffering from extrinsic or intrinsic staining of the teeth.

What causes staining of the teeth?

Staining of the teeth can be caused by the consumption of highly-pigmented food or drink (such as red wine, coffee, and curry). Certain lifestyle choices can also cause staining of the teeth, such as smoking for example.

What can individuals expect from their regular dental check-ups?

Patients can expect to undergo general procedures, such as focussing on areas of concern or undergoing a scale and polish. People may expect to see just one member of staff, or several, many individuals believe the key individual is the dentist, however, there are other members that make up a dental team (such as dental nurses, hygienists, and dental therapists.) Tracking each tooth and assessing the condition of each tooth is also common practice in a dental check-up.

Why do some people miss their regular dental check-ups?

Certain individuals may miss their regular dental check-ups due to financial reasons. Patients may also decide to miss their dental check-up if they are nervous about visiting the dentist, and have a phobia.

What is a dental phobia, and why do certain individuals develop irrational fears?

A phobia is essentially an irrational fear of a dental environment. Individuals may develop this irrational phobia due to a series of negative childhood experiences.

Do dental clinics have methods to ease patient anxiety?

Certain dental clinics may have special techniques to ease the anxiety of individuals such as hypnotherapy, and sedation.

What are medical cards, and are they accepted at Navan dental clinics? Medical cards allow individuals to receive discounted dental treatments. Medical patients are accepted at some Navan clinics, including Irish patients that are undergoing treatment with the National Health Service.

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