What is a Solicitor and Why May I Need One?


A solicitor is an individual who has undergone legal education to a higher standard and has then proceeded to gain experience within the field, and settle down in a legal practice or they may act independently. A solicitor may go on to specialise within specific fields, such as conveyancing, and family or other forms of personal law. A solicitor may either represent clients within court, or instruct barristers. Individuals or families may require the expertise of a solicitor for a variety of reasons, one of which may be property. When individuals or couples invest within a flat or house, they may invest in the use of a mortgage solicitor. Mortgage solicitors will essentially track the progress of your property transaction, in terms of all legal aspects of the process. Having a mortgage solicitor can ease the stresses of the property process,by providing legal aid. Other forms of solicitors may focus on family law such as divorce law. Divorce law can vary, a divorce solicitor may act as a mediator if the two individuals cannot agree on the way they will split their assets. Divorce solicitors may also act and represent on behalf of the individuals within court, and therefore help to resolve disputes between the two individuals, such as who will have custody of the children.

What is personal injury law?

Personal Injury law consists of accidents within the workplace, or disputes between businesses. Holiday incidents can also be covered under personal injury, such as a large medical bill which may involve complications under holiday insurance.

Solicitor Firms within London

At many solicitor firms in London Community spirit should be an aim for everyone. Having  experience and building relations with both local and independent clients as well as large international businesses can have a huge advantage within Solicitors: Hence why many of their employees may be multilingual and therefore able to adapt to a large amount of cultures and the ever changing legal and business structure. Some firms may specialise in certain areas, such as commercial and personal family law, as well as dealing with more general issues such as real estate and property, as well as general litigation. Many firms will also provide a series of regular client services.

What is a collaborative approach?

A collaborative approach is one that is considered successful and modern. An approach aiming to work not just with the client but alongside the client, aiming to build and maintain commercial and business relationships. Spectrums of clients within the solicitor field vary greatly. Small independent businesses and individuals as well as small family-owned businesses may require solicitor work. There is also a need for celebrity clientele and international businesses.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the solicitor service I receive?

Solicitor firms should value criticism just as highly as positive reviews, therefore may have a member of their team dedicated to handling your complaints. If you do have a query, concern or complaint it should be recommended to someone else in the firms department department to handle your concern.

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