The Individual and the Collective Good of Smiling


Problems with a crooked smile is far more reaching than just aesthetics which is why orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign in St John’s Wood at Aura Dental are encouraged. Orthodontics is used to not only help improve the function of teeth and jaws but also to reduce damaging teeth. Far from avoiding orthodontics, a staggering 8 million patients and counting are opting for the removable plastic aligner tray system to provide them with straighter teeth.

Smiling should not only happen when one is happy but there are a plethora of benefits to be had for smiling every day. Smiling should also be used to generate happiness.

Reasons to smile more in a day

  1. Smiling is a channel of engagement

One of the best ways to connect with others and build relationships is through a smile. The display of an open warm smile can be considered an invitation to friendship and engagement.

  1. Smiling is a novel stress reliever

Through the activation of a smile, the brain is encouraged to trigger the release of endorphins relied upon to reduce stress levels generated by cortisol (a hormone linked to stress). Conclusions are drawn from experiments involving smiling and stress highlight that even attempting to smile (smiling with one’s eyes) when stressed can help an individual reduce the level of intensity of the stress response.

  1. Smiling could influence longevity

It has been found that longer lifespans are linked to those who smile bigger smiles. One contributing reason is that lower stress levels strengthen the immune system, making the body better resistant to infections, colds and flu.

  1. Confidence requires more than good looks – you need an attractive smile too

Smiling people are considered more approachable even if they are not thought to be physically attractive. Those with attractive smiles find it easier to make eye contact with others compared to those who smile infrequently.

A confidence boost is also hugely helpful to advance professional careers and business relationships.

  1. People remember those who smile

To help people remember you better, try smiling more friendly smiles. It is a common occurrence for those who are friendly and who smile more are found to be remembered by others, whether they be teachers remembering students or supervisors at work remembering team members working under them. One context in which smiling can have a powerful influence is a job interview. It is worthwhile taking the time to practise one’s best smile before an interview or consider orthodontic treatment to enhance the look of a smile to further a media-facing career.

  1. Smiling makes for successful people

Smilers are far more likely to be successful in life, whether in their professional or personal lives. It is easier to build success from a place of happiness than vice versa. Most people try to attain success first to secure happiness and wonder why it is so elusive.

  1. Smiling can promote a youthful appearance

By smiling, certain facial muscles are lifted to make the face appear more youthful. It can be considered a simplified form of a facelift without any of the undesirable side effects.

Let the experienced dental practitioners at Aura Dental help you to a happiness-affirming smile. 

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