Straight Teeth Equals a Healthier Smile


Modern day technology has allowed for braces to be a quicker and sometimes even an invisible process, designed for all children, teenagers and adults who want and need to correct their natural smile.

There are many reasons as to why a person has the option to use this procedure. Identifiable once a child’s adult teeth start coming through, dentists can recognise the signs that indicate that a child needs to have some kind of straightening device applied to their teeth, in order to correct their bite or move their teeth into a healthier position.

A mouth with straight teeth is deemed to be more healthy as the ability to clean each tooth and between each tooth is vastly easier, which therefore limits the amount of food debris build-up which can cause plaque and lead to tooth loss and gum disease.

What are some of the options available to a patient?

Depending on each patient’s personal situation, there are several options that can be applied by an orthodontist in Liverpool that an individual can choose from in order to get the best results, whilst enjoying their journey to straight teeth at the same time.

There are the options of fixed or removable braces and these will normally consist of two parts; an upper and a lower. In order to correct a protruding upper jaw, they are joined together to pull the jaws into alignment.

It is very important that the patient continues to have excellent dental hygiene during treatment, as in fixed devices the brackets and wires need extra care. With removable options, food that gets trapped under the aligners can lead to bad breath and a build-up of plaque, as it cannot be easily washed away with saliva or drinking.

Removable appliances are very common and are a great alternative for patients who do not need to align their bite, but simply wish to straighten their teeth. Not every patient is recommended for this procedure, as they are more suited to less complex cases.

What are the signs of an incorrect bite?

For more complicated treatments that need to alter an overbite or an underbite, the more traditional devices are employed. Many options of more modern techniques can be used in order to reduce the impact that they may have on a patient’s life.

An overbite is when the upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw. Most people have a slight overbite and this is actually ideal, but in more serious cases, it can lead to a host of complications and does need to be treated.

An underbite therefore is when the lower teeth extend further outward than the upper front teeth. It can cause chronic pain and bacterial infections due to the need for constant mouth breathing. Dentists will identify an underbite quite quickly in children and advise parents on the appropriate steps to take.

A crossbite is another form of misalignment. This is where the dental arches do not line up when the mouth is closed. There are many reasons why aligners may be used as a form of treatment to correct a person’s bite or teeth. By discussing their options with a dentist, a patient can determine which procedure is the right one for their personal situation.

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