How to Choose a Family Dental Clinic


When moving to a new area, families will undoubtedly prioritise registering with suitable health care providers. This will include both a local GP and dentist in Kings Hill. When deciding which dental clinic will most suit their needs, there will be many factors parents will consider. Choosing the appropriate family dental practitioner can be made easier when contemplating the following.

Does it matter if the clinic is local?

There will be times when a family may be in need of an emergency dental appointment, and there could be treatments that require regular follow-up appointments or the need for a patient to be accompanied home by a friend or relative, owing to sedation methods used. In all these instances, it is better for the dental clinic to be as close as possible to a patient’s home. Patients researching local clinics should ascertain the distance from their home or place of work and the ease of access by car and by other modes of transport, should they find themselves unable to drive to the dental practice.

Can they provide treatments for the entire family?

Parents will want the best dental care for their children and this could mean having access to orthodontics and regular dental appointments to maintain their children’s oral health. However, parents may also want to be able to have easy access to treatments for themselves, including cosmetic treatments such as teeth-straightening and teeth-whitening. Should this be the case, then parents will want to find a practice that can provide check-ups and treatments for the entire family.

Does the dental clinic make the family feel comfortable?

Attending a dental appointment can be daunting for many people, especially children that are not familiar with dental appointments, and people with dental phobias. A clinic that allows patients to attend the clinic and speak with the dental staff about any concerns they may have is one that can make patients feel more comfortable about attending appointments. Many clinics offer telephone or face-to-face consultations prior to committing to any kind of treatment and this can help to make parents and children aware of the different treatments available and how they are conducted.

Do they provide other types of aesthetics treatments?

It is now usual for reputable dental clinics to offer facial aesthetics in addition to cosmetic dentistry treatments. Adults that have previously received Botox or facial fillers elsewhere could find the convenience of being able to have these treatments administered at their local dental practice another reason to choose a particular clinic. As these types of treatments need to be administered every few months to maintain their results, it would make sense to choose a clinic that can be easily accessed and has the appropriate accreditations to conduct such treatments.

When a family moves to a new area or has a new child, it is important that they register themselves and the new child with a local dental practice as soon as possible. The earlier a child becomes familiar with attending dental appointments, the better.

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