How do Google Search Results Work?


Google is the world’s busiest search engine with millions of searches being carried out on a daily basis. This includes searches with regards to dentists, emergency dental care, dental issues and ways to improve the teeth and smile. Once they have typed their query into the search bar, much research has shown that over 90% of Google users only check out the websites which come up on the first page of the search results. The first page is made up of 3 sections. Firstly, at the top of the list you will find the paid for Google advertisements which cost large sums of money and are a forceful way of getting your name heard and seen, if you can afford it. Next you will find the Google Maps results, which will show 3 or 4 of the local businesses in the area. To get on to this list you need to look after your Google business account which involves maintaining ratings and reviews, and you need to have top performance levels in the area to get yourself on the map. Then you find the bulk of the list which is made up of the organic search results. This is the section of the list which you need to focus on and aim to be at the top of.

What is dental SEO?

To find yourself at the top of the organic search results, you need to implement effective dental SEO. Google has algorithms which determine which websites feature on the first page. An award-winning dental marketing team will understand how these Google algorithms work and convince Google that you have all the answers to the patient’s dental needs, putting you at the top of the list, encouraging the patient to explore your website. Once they reach the website, with the help of an experienced dental marketing team you will have a bespoke, modern and informative site on which the patient is able to find all the information they require with regard to their dental needs, which will then encourage them to pick up the phone and book an appointment to visit you in person.

Dental SEO requires the creation of interesting, informative and educational content in the form of onsite articles, blogs and social media pages. This needs to be done on a continuous basis and uploaded regularly to help to boost your SEO with Google. By identifying which dental terms are searched for most regularly in your local area you can create your content based on these keywords to help attract further potential patients to your website. By using these keywords regularly and strategically throughout your content, not only will you help Google recognise that you are relevant, but you will also be attracting the patient group that are already searching for your treatments and services, which will help boost the success of your practice very soon. Speak to a good dental marketing agency without delay, let them take your marketing issues off your hands so you can focus on looking after your patients instead and you will see how good digital dental marketing and effective SEO can help bring more patients through your door.

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