Heard The Buzz About Clear Aligners? Your 5 FAQs About this Brace Answered


If you are an adult in need of orthodontics, you may be wondering which type of brace will be the best for you.

While the internet is a great source of information about the different kinds of aligners available today, these are often sales pitches, disguised as informative articles, creating a bias towards the most expensive braces being the best. Far from a fair fight!

However, in this article, the type of braces that will be discussed in more depth are clear braces in Buckinghamshire.

Often confused with invisible aligners like Invisalign, clear aligners are rarely removable. Instead, they are attached to the teeth with a tooth coloured or clear bracket and also have a thin wire across the front. More discreet than traditional braces but a bit more visible than invisible ones, clear braces in Buckinghamshire are the perfect solution if you have a slightly more complicated alignment issue.

Want to know more? Read on to explore the top 5 FAQs about clear aligners.

Is the wire on the front of the brace clear?

Ordinarily, the wire across the front of the brace is silver and not clear.

In a similar way to traditional braces, this wire is used to tighten the brace throughout treatment, and must, therefore, be made from a stronger material, like titanium, to support the movement of the teeth without breaking or snapping.

Will the brackets turn yellow over time?

There are many types of food and drink those stain teeth and, unfortunately, if you have clear aligners with white or clear brackets, these foods can gradually change the colour of these too.

Foods that are high in acid, like coffee, orange juices and curries should be avoided while wearing clear aligners, to prevent altering the colour of the brackets. Also, try to avoid consuming alcohol, sugary drinks or spices like turmeric and paprika – it will be worth it in the end!

Can clear aligners correct my overbite?

This will depend on the severity of your overbite, but assuming that you do not have an overjet (where the top teeth protrude further forward than an overbite), then yes, clear aligners can correct an overbite.

However, resolving an overbite with clear aligners may also involve treatment with a removable orthodontic appliance, that will help to open up the bite. As stated before, this is a decision that will depend on the severity of the condition and is ultimately decided by your orthodontist.

If I smoke while I wear a clear brace, will my teeth become stained?

Even if you are not wearing a clear aligner, smoking will stain your teeth!

If you need orthodontics as an adult and smoke, it may be unwise to choose a clear aligner; as the brackets are sensitive to accumulating stains, they may turn yellow due to nicotine.

Are they more expensive than normal braces?

Clear aligners are more expensive than traditional braces initially. However, they have an accelerated treatment time and offer a more discreet solution, with more targeted and sophisticated technology to straighten your teeth.

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