Healthcare Analytics Conferences Provide Insight Into the Increasing Preference for Digital Service


When it comes to a healthcare conference predictive analytics is sometimes the main focus. Anyone interested in the subject of the future of data usage in hospitals and other healthcare settings might be interested in a conference like Healthcare Analytics Summit 18. Numerous relevant topics will be addressed by various speakers who bring their expertise to different aspects of the subject.

Video Streaming

One intriguing talk looks at today’s digital data providers and the great potential they have to usurp traditional models. The specific example given in comparison is entertainment company Netflix, which provides subscribers with video on demand and unlimited streaming media options. There was no way for conventional video rental services to compete without making significant changes to their business model, which led to the demise of at least one giant in the industry.

Online Pharmacies

People interested in this topic can probably think of other similar situations from recent years. For example, consumers increasingly are turning to online pharmacies instead of going to their local brick-and-mortar stores. As long as they can order prescriptions far enough ahead of time to allow for shipping, they may be able to save money on medications that their insurance doesn’t cover. They appreciate not having to travel to a drugstore and needing to wait in line.

Digital-Only Banking

Consumers are also increasingly interested in digital-only bank accounts and payment processors. In general, they’ve already embraced being able to monitor their checking accounts online and making online payment of their bills. Many have automated those payments through their checking accounts or a digital payment service. Because they receive regular direct deposits, they never have to think about these routine aspects.

Digital-only banking takes this a step further. As of now, people generally aren’t closing their regular bank accounts in favor of digital-only service, but many are adding that service as a second, convenient option.

Internet Radio

Radio is still a thriving medium even with all the dramatic changes in consumer preferences and the number of choices. Radio station owners and managers have responded effectively to making streaming services available through the Internet and offering podcasts of shows.

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