Getting Down To Basics with Roofers


Instructions of Roofing a House

Roofing is the process of covering the top most part of a house. Roofing is very essential in any building as it gives shade, provides a sense of security, gives the building a good look and protects from weather. There are many types of roofing structures that are done. The kind of roof to be used may depend on the structure’s intended use, which roofing materials are available, tastes and preferences among other factors.

Materials for covering a building, the actual roof construction and the endurance of the material are to be thought of prior to constructing a roof. Grass, sheets of iron and pre-cast concrete are major roofing materials used. The different roofing materials differ in their value, roofing ability and endurance.

A major division of roofs are flat roofs and pitched roofs. A pitch is the angle measured and which enables a roof to rise in a slanting manner. A building cover that doesn’t rise up in its construction is termed as flat. Since it is not easy to access a roof in future for matters of repair or replacement, durability of the roof should be highly considered.

A roof is usually made up of two parts, the support and the outward material or structure. The supporting structure is usually created out of long lasting and strong material like wood, steel or bamboo. The outward viewable part of the roof should be made out of long lasting material. Two factors are considered for constructing a roof.

A roof gives the cover that a building requires. A roof that is able to give protection against climate effects to individuals and their property is termed as an insulating roof. We have roofing materials that are very good at insulating such as grass used in thatched roofs. For a roof that doesn’t give the required protection against weather elements, another suitable material is used together with the roof. For a roof with inadequate insulation, a ceiling could be built to provide better protection.

Another reason for constructing a roof is drainage. Water on a roof should automatically be drained from the roof through a process that doesn’t cause destruction. For flat roofs, a slight slope should be incorporated for easier water drainage. In most cases a gutter, which is usually a duct or a designated trough that directs rain water from a structure is used. This water can either be directed to a safe place away from the building or even stored in tanks.

Given the current technologies, we have roofs that have solar panels on top of them to provide for electric power to the building. Other solar systems on a roof are used to heat water or air inside the house. A roof can consist of an initial roof and added solar panels or it can only have solar panels as the actual roof.

Short Course on Roofers – What You Should Know

Short Course on Roofers – Covering The Basics

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