Get the ‘Fox Eye’ Look at a Skin Clinic in London


2020 with all its troubles and goings-on still managed to bring a new beauty trend to the masses in the form of the ‘fox eye’ look. The popular faces of supermodels on social media who seem to have started the trend resulted in an explosion of make-up tutorials on how to get the look, but at a skin clinic in London there is an option to get the fox eye semi-permanently, without needing to learn the make-up skills of a professional artist, allowing people to mean it when they say, “I woke up like this.”

What is the fox eye trend

Simply put, the fox eye look is an upturned eye and brow which also creates the illusion of a longer looking and higher cheekbone at the same time. This more slanted appearance of the eye area is said to be ‘foxy’ in nature and has become highly desirable for various women of all ethnicities.

The fox eye differs from a brow lift – which only lifts the brows to create a more youthful and less tired look – in so much as it changes the angle and shape of the eyes and brow. While many women on social media use their finger to pull the eye in place to get a good fox eye photo, many are unaware of the simple way this look can be achieved through non-invasive techniques.

The fox eye trend with thread lifting

Many of the models that have made this a popular trend for the year have got this look through thread lifting, which is a simple and non-surgical procedure designed to lift the skin and facial contours with minimal downtime. This is a state-of-the-art suspension suture that pulls the eye and brow into a new position, to create the foxy look so many are trying to recreate with make-up.


This brand of thread lifting is an FDA approved procedure that can last 18 months to 2 years which makes it perfect for this trend, as you may decide later on that you want to go back to your natural look. The fact that this is only a semi-permanent solution is appealing to many who may otherwise be afraid of going under the knife for an outcome they can’t go back on. Also, the anti-ageing benefits of a thread lift are another promising factor of the procedure. After the threads are inserted, the body responds by sending a surge of collagen to the area in the following months which helps support the growth factors that influence the condition of one’s skin in a positive way. In addition to healing the ‘wound’, collagen enhances the plumpness of skin, making it appear more youthful and fresh. These processes of healing are ongoing and the downtime of this treatment is far less than that of traditional surgery, with only some redness and swelling directly after the procedure, most patients can continue with their lives as normal, with some even going back to work in the same afternoon.

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