Discover how easy it is to do a paternity test


The arrival of a baby is usually seen as a reason for joy. The problem arises when the alleged father has doubts about his paternity. In these cases, the best solution is to do a paternity test. Thanks to DNA testing while pregnant, a man can know whether he is the father of a baby starting from the 7th week of pregnancy, and without risking the health of the baby in the womb. Only a blood sample from the mother is needed to get the baby’s DNA. If the baby has already been born a paternity test at home is the best option. This is a kit that the laboratory sends to your home with everything you need to take saliva samples from the baby and the alleged father. The samples are sent to the laboratory and the results arrive within 3 to 4 days.

Testing without leaving your home

If you are one of those people who dislike going to the lab to provide DNA samples, you will be happy to know that with the advances in technology you can take the samples yourself at home. Keep in mind that each laboratory has its own method of working and the kits they offer may vary from one laboratory to another. Depending on the type of test you are going to perform, it is likely that only a saliva sample will suffice, although a blood sample is necessary sometimes. All kits are shipped via traditional courier, the same way you receive your other online purchases. The laboratory will tell you where to send the samples. Usually, the lab will send you a pre-paid shipping envelope so all you have to d is give it to the postal service.

Useful for those seeking privacy

Doubting your paternity can be very shameful, so you may want to keep it private. One advantage of taking a paternity test at home is that you don’t have to involve third parties, such as family and friends until you receive the test results and can make a decision. Although the results of this type of test cannot be used in a lawsuit, couples can decide with them. For example, if the test is negative the man can walk away from that relationship since he has no responsibility for the baby. If the test is positive, the man and the woman can voluntarily go to a public registry and state that the man is the father.

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