Cat dental X-rays can rule out soreness as purpose for odd chewing behavior


Q: Penny, my center-aged indoor cat, chews her dental treats only on the left aspect of her mouth. Is this normal?

A: I confess that I’ve in no way observed my cats or canines closely sufficient to know whether they chew on just one or both equally sides of the mouth. Nor have I heard this subject matter talked about at veterinary conferences. So, I consulted two renowned veterinary dentists.

Both equally reported that no study has been published on whether or not pets with no oral pain chew on only just one side of the mouth, so neither veterinary dentist could remedy your question.

It’s undoubtedly probable Penny is chewing on her remaining mainly because she has suffering on the right aspect of her mouth, possibly from tooth resorption, a fractured tooth or a tooth root abscess. To discover out, I suggest you make an appointment for dental radiographs, occasionally named X-rays.

Considering that they will involve anesthesia, your veterinarian can clean and polish Penny’s teeth at the same time. If she has a dental trouble, your vet can treat it although Penny is anesthetized.

I usually come across myself chewing on the left facet of my mouth, even while the appropriate aspect isn’t going to damage. So, I looked into your problem as it relates to people, pondering it may possibly assistance me comprehend pets’ chewing habits.

A research published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation confirmed that many individuals chew on 1 facet of the mouth, the aspect with the weaker, much less secure temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. Guaranteed ample, my still left TMJ has constantly popped and clicked, though it triggers me no irritation.

Of class, the human mandible is able of vertical and horizontal motion, whilst cats and canines chew vertically, so potentially their TMJs are inherently a lot more secure than ours. Until eventually research responses your question, it is very best to rule out mouth agony as a explanation for Penny’s a person-sided chewing habits.

Q: My shih tzu Luna has a red mass at the inner corner of just one eye. Her groomer called it a cherry eye and encouraged she see her veterinarian for surgical treatment. What is a cherry eye?

A: Cherry eye, identified formally as prolapsed gland of the nictitans, is a spherical, purple mass that seems quickly at the decrease interior corner of a dog’s eye. The issue is not distressing.

The nictitans, also called the nictitating membrane or 3rd eyelid, safeguards the eye and holds a tear gland that provides one-third of the eye’s tears. You’ve got most likely recognized Luna’s nictitans slide up more than her eyeball as she gets sleepy, before her outer eyelids shut.

In some puppies, the tear gland is inadequately anchored on the nictitans, so it prolapses, or pops up and out of its typical hiding place. This exposes it to the air and compromises its blood supply, creating the gland to develop into infected and look like a cherry.

Predisposed breeds consist of the beagle, bloodhound, Boston terrier, cocker spaniel, English bulldog, French bulldog, Lhasa apso, Pekingese and shih tzu. Most affected canine are considerably less than 2 years old.

The most helpful treatment method is surgical substitution of the gland back again into its appropriate place. Request your veterinarian not to reduce off the tear gland, since that process generally will cause dry eye, a unpleasant situation marked by lessened tear creation that threatens vision and requires lifelong medicine.

Untreated cherry eye can lead to the incapacity to entirely near the eyes, dry eye, continual swelling and secondary bacterial an infection. So, check with your veterinarian soon about surgical mend.

Lee Pickett, VMD, techniques companion animal medication in North Carolina. Speak to her at

[email protected]

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