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Introducing A New Found Marketing Playground through the Escape Rooms

In the past, we get nightmares in getting locked up in a room, but now there is a new way to make it a cool thing. There is now a trend in and industry making the so-called escape room gets everyone talking, both by participants and making it a marketing opportunity as well.

You may ask what an escape room exactly is about. Well, you can start by imagining yourself being locked up in a room, with few random clues, but no idea how to get out. A group of up to 12 players would comprise the plot of this new craze, and they will have to use their agilities in terms of physical and mental in order to unlock door after door, while moving frantically from room to room with cryptic clues on hand, and given only 60 minutes to break free.

This is not a new concept of course, but after many years of virtual reality development that immerses us with a new world of experience, escape rooms have managed to go up to a new thrill after several experimentations. With sharp marketers around nowadays, this activity is being tracked and have found modern ways in order to maximize one’s exposure to the experience. The style of marketing agreement in this new craze is the so-called tie-in style which is the ruling formula.

This style of marketing is nothing new in itself though, and what makes it successful today is that the products blend in well with the experience. More than ever, the consumers of today are more enticed to spend their money by having them do something instead of the traditional advertising method of simply watching things pass to their very eyes.

You can link back this trend to the world of video games and other similar activities. Here, games will be launched by marketers, while hosting real world experiences such as events, competitions and interactions and compliment it with the gameplay in order to make it tangible. At this point, there should be a partnering and collaboration which is clever in nature. In order to have a commercial relationship that will be beneficial, a perfect partnership is to be based and founded on. With a foundation that is on a mutually beneficial commercial relationship, both escape room company and copyright owners work together to get maximum exposure and expand their clientele, leading to a win-win situation.

Behind this new marketing trend are design and innovation, thus making each room has a different theme or difficulty level from the next, plus the clues will be themed around the subject matter of every room.

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