Mistakes to Avoid When Getting All On 4 Dental Implants


All on 4 dental implants are a revolutionary procedure in the dental world, with highly acclaimed benefits to show for its use. Among these include a shorter recovery time, lower treatment costs, and improved aesthetics. While these go a long way in influencing the use of this treatment, it is worth keeping in mind a few mistakes that are often overlooked in this treatment. Below, we discuss mistakes to avoid when doing all on 4 dental surgery to ensure you make an informed decision.

Ignoring the Qualification Criteria

While all on 4 dental implants help solve dental problems such as extensive tooth decay or injury, not all patients will be suitable to undergo this procedure. Factors such as lifestyle, age, and bone type will be essential determinants when getting all on 4 dental surgeries, with each likely to increase or reduce your recovery levels. Your Central Texas periodontics specialist can help you assess these factors before making a final decision, allowing you to take into account alternative methods of treatment.

Poor Research on Your Brand of Implants

Like every dental product on the market, successful all on 4 dental surgeries will largely be determined by the brand of implants that you settle for. This means getting the correct information about the history of the chosen brand, quality assurance, testimonials, and longevity. In addition to this, consider doing thorough research on whether your implants are generic. Generic options often pose several risks to patients, including the company’s longevity when you need replacements and their warranty timeframe. Failure to have the above-listed information on hand will likely leave you with costly follow-ups after your surgery, with increased complications that could impact your health negatively.

Failure to Get Help From Professionals

All on 4 dental techniques are slowly becoming a marketable procedure for numerous practices in the country, with most offices listing this in their service offerings. While it opens up room for patients to get help, it also creates a gap for inexperienced dentists to infiltrate the market. All on 4 dental surgery is one of the most complicated procedures that require specialized skills to carry out. Getting help from trainees could lead to extensive risks during the procedure and unwanted complications down the line. Before signing up for any surgery, make it a point to research your dentist’s area of expertise while looking for successful patient recommendations and trustworthy referrals.

Using Your Teeth Too Quickly After the Surgery

Numerous patients will often get excited after getting their new set of teeth, leading to the temptation to overuse them in the first weeks after their procedure. Healing from an all on 4 dental procedure takes several months, during which you will be required to follow your dentist’s instructions for proper dental care. A few tips to keep in mind include avoiding biting and chewing hard substances and adhering to acceptable after-care practices. This will be essential in helping you avoid any injuries that could ruin proper implant-bone integration, which could mean starting your procedure all over again.

While getting all on 4 dental procedures are the way to go when in need of a one-off procedure to fix underlying dental issues, it pays to avoid the above-listed mistakes. Make it a point to adhere to your dentist’s advice when getting all on 4 dental surgeries while making informed decisions to increase your chances of getting the best recovery.

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