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Looking to Restore Your Smile Through a Dentist in Sydney CBD?

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The solution is out there

Most people do not understand the daily struggles of those who live with one or more missing teeth. The reason for this, beyond the obvious, is that the majority of people take their teeth for granted and do not appreciate the impact that they have on their daily lives. Those who do not have a full set of teeth often find the most basic of tasks to be a challenge, such as eating simple foods or speaking clearly. Thankfully though, there is now a solution for those who are missing teeth. By speaking to a dentist, patients now have the opportunity to completely turn their lives around – both dentally and socially, and restore their smile through dental implants.

Why are dental implants necessary?

Many of those who are living with a missing tooth – or teeth – are not completely aware of just how detrimental an impact having a space in their jaw can have, in the long run. One of the most impacting effects of an untreated missing tooth is the loss of bone structure around a patient’s jaw and face. This is caused by the lack of stimulation in the bone tissue that surrounds the gap within their jaw. If the bone is left unstimulated for a prolonged period, then eventually the patient’s body redistributes the bone tissue elsewhere. The results of this generally alter the entire facial structure of the patient drastically – usually in such a way that they appear for older than they actually are. Another detrimental effect that having a space in someone’s jaw can produce is the loss of clearly enunciated speech. This can have a lasting impact on the confidence of a patient, and cause them to become far more insular and self-conscious. However, nowadays there are treatments such as dental implants which can fully restore a patient’s smile on a structural basis, and completely revitalise both the way they look, and feel.

What exactly are dental implants?

Dental implants, in their essence, are replacement teeth which are used to bridge gaps inside a patient’s mouth. Implants have evolved from an idea which dates back thousands of years, although it is only recently that modern science and engineering have attained the level of success that is now enjoyed by many patients. Whilst procedures such as dental crowns or bridges act in a way which simply fills in a space where the patient is missing teeth by sitting on their gums, dental implants address the issue at its core.

How do they operate?

Modern dental implants operate by the construction and installation of a false tooth root – that is made out of titanium-alloy. This titanium-alloy root (or socket) is embedded deeply inside the patient’s jaw structure. Because of titanium’s unique ability to fuse itself within human bone tissue, after a brief period of time, the bone and the implant become merged as one. This means that a replica tooth can then be fixed into … Read More..

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How to Find the Right Dental Clinic for Your Smile

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For many individuals choosing the right dental clinic for them can be a difficult decision, patients’ may base their decision on a wide array of factors (such as geographical location, their unique dental case, and their financial situation).

Amending your dental imperfections

If you are suffering from crooked teeth (which may require orthodontics), poor dental hygiene (which can be treated in a dental check-up) or cosmetic concerns (such as yellowing teeth, which can be amended with tooth whitening) then a visit to your local dentist meath may be long overdue!

What to expect from a visit to your dental surgery

Many individuals (especially for patients’ who experience dental anxiety) may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect from a visit to their local clinic! Dental check-ups are suggested by dental health care professionals every six months (and therefore bi-annually) and allow patients to stay on top of their dental health. In addition to reducing oral bacteria, frequent visits to the dentist also allow dental professionals to spot the early signs of more serious dental diseases and infections (such as gum disease, for example).

A tailor made dental experience

Within the modern field of dentistry many dental surgeries are now adopting a patient-centred dental approach, this essentially means that each individual receives a tailor made dental plan for their unique case! Despite every patient now being treated as unique there are several standardised procedures that are typically followed during a dental check-up.

How can your lifestyle choices affect the health of your smile?

Many patients may be unaware of the significant impact that many lifestyle choices can make on their oral health, one example of which is smoking and a poor diet! In addition to sugary food (and a lack of the correct vitamins and nutrients) a change in medication and certain health conditions may also affect the health of your teeth.

Preventing the onset or the development of oral diseases and infections

In addition to questions regarding your diet and medication a dental healthcare professional may also administer many oral assessments. Aside from checking each individual tooth for signs of plaque and cavities (which is typically expected by many patients) several x-rays and oral cancer screenings may also be administered.

More than just general dentistry

For many patients a dental check-up may be the only thing that comes to mind when ‘dentistry’ is spoken of, however within the modern field of dental work there is far more to offer! Amongst the extensive range of restorative, preventative, and orthodontic dental treatments there is an ever growing demand for cosmetic dentistry which is now becoming increasingly popular for many patients.

Is cosmetic dentistry right for me?

Cosmetic dental care refers to any dental work that strives to improve the aesthetic appearance of a patient’s smile, in doing so however the function and therefore oral health of the mouth can also be positively affected. Arguably the most common cosmetic dental treatments consist of tooth whitening, crowns, bridges, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and … Read More..


Wondering What to Expect with Six Month Smiles? A Brief Guide to Post-Fitting Aftercare

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In life, it is best to be prepared.

If you go to a hairdresser, for example, you will obviously have an idea of how you want your finished hairstyle to look. Similarly, if you want to make any kind of cosmetic change to your face, you will have an idea in mind of how you want your face to look when it’s over and, of course, you will want to know what you can expect during the procedure.

Add teeth into the mix of a cosmetic procedure, and a whole new set of questions arise; will it be painful? Am I suitable for it? And, perhaps most importantly, will it be expensive?

As adult based orthodontics have become very popular, more people than ever are trying to find out about what these treatments entail, and what they can expect. One of the most popular adult braces, Six Month Smiles in Northern Ireland, is one of the more puzzling orthodontic options as simply put, it is purely cosmetic!

So, what are you likely to expect if you seek out treatment with this brace?


It is likely that after you have had your Six Month Smiles from Northern Ireland fitted, you are going to experience a bit of soreness. This is nothing to be worried about and your dentist is likely to advise the use of painkillers to ease the discomfort, alongside wax to place on the parts of the brace that may be causing you some aches.

Also, in relation to this brace, you will be given a bite guard, which you must place before eating food to help the brace work in an effective and timely manner. While this may be difficult at first, many patients report getting used to their bite guards, so hang in there!


Just as with traditional orthodontic braces, there is a list of foods that you will need to avoid when wearing your Six Month Smiles near Northern Ireland. This is to protect your teeth from any potential decay and ensure that your braces do not become damaged.

As a general rule, it is wise to avoid foods that are harder than a bagel, and of course, to reduce the likelihood of decay and gum disease, you should limit sugary foods and drinks. Sticky foods, like toffee or caramel, are also worth avoiding, as they can dislodge your brackets.

And, while it may be tempting, avoid drinks that are high in acids, such as wines and sodas, as they can discolour your braces.


Of course, having anything fitted to your teeth is going to create an issue with brushing and flossing. But as it is harder to move teeth that have a plaque on them, you must brush your teeth regularly to reduce the accumulation of bacteria and to keep your teeth and gums clean. While it may be harder to floss, it is recommended with this brace to thoroughly floss twice a week and invest in a set of interdental … Read More..

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Suggestions To Enhance Dental Well being After Dental Surgery

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Dental Health
Gingivitis, a type of periodontal disease, is outlined as continual inflammation of the gums. Do not forget to brush your tongue, and keep away from vigorous scrubbing to stop gum irritation or bleeding. Make sure you substitute your toothbrush each three to 4 months, or once your brush bristles become boring- whichever comes first. Avoid utilizing fingers, tongue, cheek, or different objects on teeth, even if it irritates you after dental surgery.

You should commit a minimum of 3 minutes three times a day to oral hygiene to keep up good dental well being. One of the confirmed ways to guard your gums from periodontal disease is to use vitamin C supplements. Healthy tooth and gums in kids are vital for correct chewing of meals and readability of speech.

After dental surgery, your jawbones are inclined to turn into stiff and unpleasant because, dental procedure makes your mouth to open wide for lengthy hours. Eat a more balanced weight-reduction plan – Research show that a poor weight loss program may pace up the rate of gum disease and might also improve the severity of the situation.

Floss one tooth at a time, and just be sure you rub the dental floss in opposition to all sides of each tooth. If left untreated, gingivitis can result in gum disease, which is the main explanation for some serious dental issues and tooth loss in adults. After brushing, preserve your toothbrush clean by rinsing it with water.

Sugar And Dental Well being

Dental Health

Mouth Respiratory And Dental Health

A great quantity of antioxidants in your weight-reduction plan and complement routine will help control inflammation and reduce your possibilities of periodontal illness recurring.
Dental Health
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Dental Health For Kids

Most of us would contemplate our meals decisions unhealthy, not only within the sense that they interfere with the functionality of some of our most important organs, but additionally in that they plainly compromise our oral health. You might also think about using a battery-operated or electric toothbrush, notably while you suffer from arthritis, sore fingers, or other well being situations that stop you to brush efficiently. Guantee that if you’re taking vitamin C supplements for dental health that you use the perfect vitamin C. Vitamin C powder dietary supplements which might be buffered to cut back acidity are beneficial by many dental professionals.

Brushing and flossing are perhaps two of the most boring actions. Because you won’t be able to reach tight and narrow areas in between your tooth by utilizing a toothbrush, you should take into account flossing frequently. In case you had root canal remedy or gum graft, avoid using a brush for at the very least per week.

Dental Well being Tips That You Ought to Know

Dental Health
Dental care is an important, but generally neglected, facet of a child?s general health. It might be wiser to brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth the next time you brush your enamel. When your gums are bleeding, … Read More..


Sugar And Dental Health

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Dental Health
Just like with most things, by no means benefit from your dental well being and exquisite smile. It might be wiser to brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth the following time you sweep your enamel. When your gums are bleeding, avoid arduous and chewy meals. You must also determine the suitable time when you must replace the toothbrush, which is often every three months.

After having undergone dental process, keep away from rinsing your mouth for not less than 24 hours. That is why flossing is considered extraordinarily necessary in sustaining good dental well being. In this article, we discuss tips to follow for maintaining oral well being after undergoing a dental process.

A number of dentists suggest the usage of an antimicrobial mouthwash that can assist reduce the construct-up of tartar, plaque and micro organism between your teeth. Any meals or drink with sugar in it feeds the bacteria in your mouth, which processes this food by producing acid.

Floss one tooth at a time, and make sure that you rub the dental floss towards all sides of every tooth. If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to gum disease, which is the leading cause of some severe dental problems and tooth loss in adults. After brushing, hold your toothbrush clear by rinsing it with water.

Mouth Respiration And Dental Well being

Dental Health

Dental Health For Youngsters

An excellent quantity of antioxidants in your food regimen and supplement routine will assist management inflammation and cut back your probabilities of periodontal disease recurring.
Dental Health
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Dental Well being Suggestions That You Ought to Know

Dental health begins with clear teeth, so you want to apply the precise methods in brushing and flossing. After dental surgery, your jawbones tend to develop into stiff and unpleasant as a result of, dental process makes your mouth to open vast for long hours. Eat a extra balanced food regimen – Research prove that a poor weight loss plan could pace up the rate of gum disease and may also improve the severity of the situation.

A mouth rinse also reduces the danger of gum ailments, tooth decay, and bad breath. Also, mouth respiration can lead to alterations in the jaw and facial growth. Research has proven that periodontal disease can lead to heart assault, stroke, diabetes, pneumonia, arthritis, and an extended checklist of inflammatory ailments because the gums give harmful micro organism a free ride into the blood stream.

Dental Well being

Dental Health
Respiratory is something that we do mechanically to stay alive and so most of us do not think twice about it. It is completely pure to breathe by means of the mouth at certain phrases corresponding to when running or lifting heavy objects, however if respiratory occurs by way of the mouth habitually then it will possibly lead to many health issues. You need to devote at least three minutes 3 … Read More..