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Get the ‘Fox Eye’ Look at a Skin Clinic in London

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2020 with all its troubles and goings-on still managed to bring a new beauty trend to the masses in the form of the ‘fox eye’ look. The popular faces of supermodels on social media who seem to have started the trend resulted in an explosion of make-up tutorials on how to get the look, but at a skin clinic in London there is an option to get the fox eye semi-permanently, without needing to learn the make-up skills of a professional artist, allowing people to mean it when they say, “I woke up like this.”

What is the fox eye trend

Simply put, the fox eye look is an upturned eye and brow which also creates the illusion of a longer looking and higher cheekbone at the same time. This more slanted appearance of the eye area is said to be ‘foxy’ in nature and has become highly desirable for various women of all ethnicities.

The fox eye differs from a brow lift – which only lifts the brows to create a more youthful and less tired look – in so much as it changes the angle and shape of the eyes and brow. While many women on social media use their finger to pull the eye in place to get a good fox eye photo, many are unaware of the simple way this look can be achieved through non-invasive techniques.

The fox eye trend with thread lifting

Many of the models that have made this a popular trend for the year have got this look through thread lifting, which is a simple and non-surgical procedure designed to lift the skin and facial contours with minimal downtime. This is a state-of-the-art suspension suture that pulls the eye and brow into a new position, to create the foxy look so many are trying to recreate with make-up.


This brand of thread lifting is an FDA approved procedure that can last 18 months to 2 years which makes it perfect for this trend, as you may decide later on that you want to go back to your natural look. The fact that this is only a semi-permanent solution is appealing to many who may otherwise be afraid of going under the knife for an outcome they can’t go back on. Also, the anti-ageing benefits of a thread lift are another promising factor of the procedure. After the threads are inserted, the body responds by sending a surge of collagen to the area in the following months which helps support the growth factors that influence the condition of one’s skin in a positive way. In addition to healing the ‘wound’, collagen enhances the plumpness of skin, making it appear more youthful and fresh. These processes of healing are ongoing and the downtime of this treatment is far less than that of traditional surgery, with only some redness and swelling directly after the procedure, most patients can continue with their lives as normal, with some even going back to work in the … Read More..

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Invisible Braces the Easy Way

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It is estimated that nearly half of all children need braces and as many as 75% would benefit from the treatment to improve the shape of their face and make life a little easier. For those who don’t receive the treatment that they need, this can lead to further complications as they get older, which can be significantly detrimental to their confidence as adults.

Teeth will not naturally straighten, even if gaps are made with the removal of teeth because of injury or decay as people age. In fact, it is likely that they will cross or twist further, making their smiles even less attractive as they get older. Studies that look at the chances of scoring that job position in this difficult market have suggested that individuals with straight teeth are viewed as happier individuals who are more healthy and smarter.

So if there is anything a person can do to increase their chances of landing a job, ensuring that they are looking their healthiest and happiest by straightening their teeth is just one option they can look into.

However, it’s not only about job success. Having straight teeth also impacts an individual’s self-esteem, which in turn can allow them to be more confident in their social and romantic ventures as well.

This is not to mention the health benefits that having straighter teeth can provide. When teeth are not cramped or crossed, there is less likelihood for food debris and bacteria to remain in hard-to-reach places. Plaque and tartar build-up is often in places where teeth are closely packed together and can be difficult even for a professional to remove this residue over time.

So lets talk solutions

Invisalign in Luton is an effective, fast, and extremely discreet method to straighten teeth that is targeted to both teenagers and adults. It is unique in the way that it is a removable device, giving a sense of freedom to individuals where they can eat the foods they enjoy and remove their device for short periods for important occasions.

However, because this invisible solution is made of a clear plastic, even when worn, people do not need to know that a patient is undergoing a teeth straightening treatment.

Dentists know that the journey to straight teeth can be a daunting one and that many adults have put off correcting the alignment of their teeth for many years in potential fear of implications that wearing a device for a couple of years may have.

But now, with this cost-effective and innovative treatment plan, teeth can be straightened in as little as a few months, with an average procedure time of around a year for most patients. By discussing with a dentist whether they are suitable for this treatment plan and having a scan to look at their teeth and watch the transformation happen before their eyes, patients can get excited for a future that is full of confident, beautiful, and healthy-looking and feeling smiles of their own.… Read More..


The Individual and the Collective Good of Smiling

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Problems with a crooked smile is far more reaching than just aesthetics which is why orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign in St John’s Wood at Aura Dental are encouraged. Orthodontics is used to not only help improve the function of teeth and jaws but also to reduce damaging teeth. Far from avoiding orthodontics, a staggering 8 million patients and counting are opting for the removable plastic aligner tray system to provide them with straighter teeth.

Smiling should not only happen when one is happy but there are a plethora of benefits to be had for smiling every day. Smiling should also be used to generate happiness.

Reasons to smile more in a day

  1. Smiling is a channel of engagement

One of the best ways to connect with others and build relationships is through a smile. The display of an open warm smile can be considered an invitation to friendship and engagement.

  1. Smiling is a novel stress reliever

Through the activation of a smile, the brain is encouraged to trigger the release of endorphins relied upon to reduce stress levels generated by cortisol (a hormone linked to stress). Conclusions are drawn from experiments involving smiling and stress highlight that even attempting to smile (smiling with one’s eyes) when stressed can help an individual reduce the level of intensity of the stress response.

  1. Smiling could influence longevity

It has been found that longer lifespans are linked to those who smile bigger smiles. One contributing reason is that lower stress levels strengthen the immune system, making the body better resistant to infections, colds and flu.

  1. Confidence requires more than good looks – you need an attractive smile too

Smiling people are considered more approachable even if they are not thought to be physically attractive. Those with attractive smiles find it easier to make eye contact with others compared to those who smile infrequently.

A confidence boost is also hugely helpful to advance professional careers and business relationships.

  1. People remember those who smile

To help people remember you better, try smiling more friendly smiles. It is a common occurrence for those who are friendly and who smile more are found to be remembered by others, whether they be teachers remembering students or supervisors at work remembering team members working under them. One context in which smiling can have a powerful influence is a job interview. It is worthwhile taking the time to practise one’s best smile before an interview or consider orthodontic treatment to enhance the look of a smile to further a media-facing career.

  1. Smiling makes for successful people

Smilers are far more likely to be successful in life, whether in their professional or personal lives. It is easier to build success from a place of happiness than vice versa. Most people try to attain success first to secure happiness and wonder why it is so elusive.

  1. Smiling can promote a youthful appearance

By smiling, certain facial muscles are lifted to make the face appear more youthful. It can be considered a simplified … Read More..

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Scared of the Dentist? Four Popular Ways Dentists will Help You Manage Your Anxiety

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Does the thought of attending a routine dental check-up fill you with dread? Did you have a bad experience at the dentist when you were younger?

While many people who are nervous about attending the dentist can trace it to one event that happened when they were younger, phobia of visiting the dentist is surprisingly common and not always due to a traumatic event.

Unfortunately, there is a correlation between fear of visiting a dentist and poorer levels of oral health. In essence, if you avoid seeing your dentist for a long enough period of time, you are more likely to suffer from dental complications, like gum disease, decay or even dental infections. Ouch!

So, what can you do?

Luckily, the days of the judgemental dentist are long gone. Many dental surgeries aim to help their most nervous patients overcome their fears by offering calming, distraction techniques while they are in the dental chair. Indeed, it is now common practice for dental surgeries across Australia, including High Dental Implants Melbourne, to even offer sedation to their most phobic patients.

But what else can be done to make that next trip to the dentist more manageable?


Many people who fear the dentist are worried due to the unfamiliarity of the situation. Indeed, very rarely in life are you asked to lay back and open your mouth, while someone looks inside – it can be extremely unnerving.

Therefore, dental practitioners will explain to you exactly what they are doing at each step of a dental check-up or other procedure, so you are informed and know what to expect.


If the noise of the surgery is the source of anxiety, many dental practices now offer headphones for patients to wear while they are in the dental chair.

These headphones often play relaxing music or calming sounds, to lower the patient’s heart rate and reduce the unpleasant physical symptoms of anxiety. Similarly, many surgeries are happy for patients to bring in their own headphones to listen to audiobooks, relaxing music or their favourite songs.

Inhalation sedation

For patients who require something more than auditory distractions, there are often sedation options.

The first and most commonly used sedation type is that of inhalation based sedation. This involves a mixture of nitrous oxide being inhaled via a mask, rendering the patient able to respond to instructions given by their dental team, but after the procedure is completed, they will have no memory of the treatment. A key benefit of inhalation sedation is that the patient can usually go on with their day as they normally would afterwards, with no side effects.

Intravenous sedation

For a more removed experience in the dental chair, intravenous sedation is best if the patient is extremely anxious.

Similar to inhalation sedation, the patient will be responsive, but will retain no memory of the procedure afterwards. They will need a responsible friend or family member to take them home after the procedure and should not perform certain tasks (e.g. … Read More..

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Explaining the Technology Available at Modern Dentists

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With any dentist worth their salt, it is a priority to keep up with relevant dentistry trends, research and technology to ensure that a faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment can take place. This enables dentists to provide their patients with the excellent level of service that they have come to expect and deserve.

By taking advantage of modern dental technology, your dentist in Mackay can recommend the appropriate treatments to their patients without any need for uncertainty or delay. This means patients can continue on with their lives without the continual disruption of multiple dental assessments, scans, tests and other complications.

Innovative technology, combined with our holistic outlook for treatment, helps us find and prevent issues that may have been previously overlooked or not recognised for what they really were. Understanding that the entire body is a single unit and that the mouth and body are not separate entities is a cornerstone for our developments in care.

These new technological advancements in dentistry ensure a positive step in dental care as a whole. During this exciting time, a lot of research is focused on the prevention of dental disease and caries and in the event that restorative work is needed, quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment is available.

What kind of advanced equipment is available these days?

Digital X-Rays

A lot of people are hesitant about the frequent use of X-rays because of the potential of harmful radiation exposure. Digital X-rays not only drastically reduce the radiation exposure (when compared with traditional X-rays), but they also allow for a more defined image which can allow your dentist to identify signs of decay or other concerns more readily.

Intraoral cameras

Intraoral cameras allow the patient to be more involved in their oral health, as they can see for themselves inside their own mouth and see what the dentist is seeing. By visualising the issue, patients are more attentive, comfortable and understanding having seen it with their own eyes.

Dental microscopes

Being able to magnify up to 20 times the original size is an amazing ability of some dental microscopes.  By enabling this it provides the dentist with the advantage of being able to work in a very detailed, precise way to make sure that any infection or decay is removed from all areas during a restorative treatment.

Without any of this new and improved equipment, oral health care professionals would not be able to work to the precision that they are now able to.  Without this ability, impacts could be slower healing time as the body would still be left to fight off remnants of decay that had not been cleaned away. The tiny beginnings of decay would also not be able to be identified on X-rays and only once the issue became larger and more problematic could a professional do anything about it. It is common practice to use intraoral cameras and microscopes during every treatment to offer the best kind of service.

Finally, a quick mention of … Read More..