Orthodontic Treatment for the Adult Patient

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Many adults are interested in orthodontics to correct crowding or spacing issues but may feel concerned about wearing braces as an adult. They may feel that they will look silly with braces on or even look unprofessional. However, patients should not be embarrassed that they are taking charge of their health and reaping the benefits of orthodontic treatment. There are options available, though, that can be more suitable for adults looking to perform orthodontic treatment later in life. These include clear aligners, lingual braces, and clear brackets. 

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have become increasingly popular in the dental field. Patients like them because of their low profile, and dentists like them because patients can still remove them to clean teeth effectively. However, it is important to note that the patient must wear the aligners 22-23 hours out of the day for the process to be effective. 

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces Elmhurst NY are those that are done on the palate or tongue side of the teeth rather than the fronts of the teeth. In most cases, people will not even realize that you are wearing braces. Keep in mind, though, that you can have a learning curve when learning to talk with these in your mouth. They may also be even harder to keep clean that traditional braces because of their position.

Clear Brackets

A compromise between clear aligners and traditional braces, clear brackets came onto the scene. These look like traditional braces, but the brackets are clear instead of bright metal. It can be easier to keep clean that lingual braces but are generally more noticeable than clear aligners. 

For those considering adult orthodontic treatment, know that there are many options available. A consultation with a trained orthodontist is recommended to find out what option would work best for you.… Read More..

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Sugar And Dental Well being

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Dental Health
After undergoing dental surgery, it may not be nice for you. Don’t forget to brush your tongue, and avoid vigorous scrubbing to stop gum irritation or bleeding. Make sure to replace your toothbrush each three to four months, or as soon as your brush bristles become dull- whichever comes first. Avoid utilizing fingers, tongue, cheek, or different objects on tooth, even if it irritates you after dental surgery.

Don’t rush when brushing, and just remember to use the appropriate tools reminiscent of a tender-bristled toothbrush. You may additionally use a floss holder or a dental choose when you’ve got difficulties in using regular floss in cleaning your enamel. As talked about before, mouth respiration can result in many health issues, particularly dental health issues.

That is useful in eradicating plaque that accumulates on the gums. Also, make sure you use a soft-bristled toothbrush, which gently protects your gums without being too laborious on them. The micro organism produce toxins, proteins, and free radicals that harm our gums.

After having undergone dental procedure, keep away from rinsing your mouth for at least 24 hours. This is why flossing is considered extremely necessary in maintaining good dental health. On this article, we discuss tricks to observe for maintaining oral well being after present process a dental process.

Mouth Respiration And Dental Well being

Dental Health

Dental Health For Kids

You may also use a floss holder or a dental pick when you may have difficulties in utilizing common floss in cleaning your teeth. Periodontal disease usually begins as easy plaque.
Dental Health
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Dental Well being Ideas That You Ought to Know

Dental health starts with clear teeth, so you want to apply the fitting methods in brushing and flossing. Parents might want to observe up with brushing and delicate flossing till the age of eight or nine, until the kid develops the potential to do it on their lonesome. So long as you keep flossing consistently, your gums with toughen up, and cease bleeding when flossed.

The American Dental Affiliation advises dad and mom to start out cleansing their baby’s mouth the first few days after birth. Taking vitamins and dietary supplements to prevent gum injury will even shield you from giving micro organism a way in, protecting you from loads of other inflammatory well being issues.

Dental Health

Dental Health
Dental care is a vital, but generally neglected, facet of a kid?s general well being. A strict routine of brushing with a tender bristled brush, mild flossing, antibacterial rinsing, and regular periodontal cleanings may also help preserve periodontal illness at bay. Loads of gunk can build up between your teeth, as well as envelope under your gums, thus causing plaque to build up. It will probably additionally lead to gingivitis or halitosis of the mouth- to not mention painful cavities.

Mother and father should schedule regular oral well being appointments beginning around the kid’s first … Read More..


Currently Welcoming New Patients

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A lot of dental health care providers know that visiting a dental practice can be an extremely intimidating experience, especially if the patient in question has not been for several years. In fact, many individuals simply choose to avoid going to the practice as they are not prepared to ‘hear the verdict’. Many of these people have dental anxiety and do not think there is any need to go because their teeth and gums feel fine.

Unfortunately, experiencing dental pain is a symptom that often tells professionals that it is too late for easier, preventive treatments. Once a patient is in pain, normally the only option available to them is restorative work of some nature. Decay and disease can quietly destroy healthy teeth, and only once a nerve is exposed or infected can a person feel anything is wrong.

Teeth and gums are under attack whenever a person eats or drinks something besides clean water. To make sure their armor is strong, and their defenses are holding up against this constant attack, they need to visit a dentist in Harley Street who can keep teeth clean and healthy.

They understand how important it is to communicate with their patients. They know that it is their duty to listen to any observations or thoughts that their patient has, as well as to physically examine their teeth and gums. Both aspects are important for understanding an individual’s oral health.

This is why time is set aside in every dental appointment for the dental health care provider to discuss a patient’s oral health with them. Patients can feel relaxed and not rushed through the system in any way.

What can be expected during an initial visit?

During an initial visit, it is the priority of the dental health care professional to ensure that their new patient feels comfortable and at ease. Dental anxiety is detrimental to the process and measures can be taken to ensure that a patient is okay. An informal chat prior to any examination can ease fears, allowing the patient a chance to explain their situation, giving their dentist an opportunity to understand what they should expect, and what sort of complications they may be presented with as they move on to the physical examination and scans.

What else can be expected from a first visit?

Usually, a questionnaire needs to be filled out prior to the consultation, which takes notes of the patient’s medical history and any conditions that they might have. Previous dental records are appreciated. Other questions regarding lifestyle choices, medications, and goals for the visit may be asked to establish a picture early on.

During the physical examination teeth, gums, jaw, and soft tissues of the mouth are inspected for health. This includes a mouth cancer screening. Should any abnormal wear and tear issues arise, the patient may be able to see this for themselves with the use of innovative video technology. An x-ray may also be needed to obtain a more detailed understanding … Read More..

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Want to Learn About Modern Dental Technology? A Guide to The Invisalign iTero Scanner

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In recent years, dentistry has advanced in ways that were not thought possible a decade ago.

Dentists are now able to straighten teeth without metal braces, create and attach immovable teeth to the jaw and whiten teeth with lasers. Dental technologies are now so advanced that you can have a new set of teeth designed in a single dental trip!

However, if you are new to the field of cosmetic or modern dentistry, you may still have the image of large needles and loud drills fixed into your mind. Indeed, many people who are intrigued by the more popular and modern treatments still believe that there is an old fashioned (and potentially uncomfortable) element of dentistry in the procedure somewhere.

This is, luckily, not the case and in this article, one of the technologies surrounding invisible braces will be explored; the Invisalign iTero in London. What is it? And how does it help you get that straighter smile you want? Read on to find out!

What is it?

The Invisalign iTero in London is, simply put, a scanner.

When you approach your dentist about having invisible braces, they will require a model of your teeth to work from. In times gone by, this stage would involve a mould tray being put into your mouth, alongside a nasty tasting, gloopy dental clay.

However, this sophisticated scanner can take a more accurate impression of your teeth in under one minute, allowing your dentist to accurately plan how many aligners you will need to complete your orthodontic treatment.

How does it work?

This scanner is fairly small and is handheld.

Your dentist will place it inside your mouth while it takes the 3-D scan of your teeth, gums and bone structure. This image is then sent to the invisible brace software, allowing for a more accurate prediction of the following stages.

Does it hurt?

No, it doesn’t!

Just like a computer scanner scanning documents, it simply uses light to take the image of your teeth and there is no poking, prodding or gels to make the experience uncomfortable.

Indeed, even with traditional dental clay, you would be unable to move any part of your body during the setting period, for fear of creating an inaccurate impression; with this scanner, you can move your arms, legs and even talk to your dentist if you wish.

Will I have to hold my breath?

No, you won’t.

Once again, that old image of being as still as a statue while your dentist takes a mould of your teeth is a persistent one but, while your dentist uses this scanner, you will be able to breathe, swallow and as mentioned before, even speak to your dentist.

Just lie back, relax and let the scanner do all the hard work.

What if I need to sneeze?

If you need to sneeze, go to the toilet or anything else while the scanner is in your mouth, just tell your dentist and they can pause the scan. Nothing … Read More..

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Straight Teeth Equals a Healthier Smile

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Modern day technology has allowed for braces to be a quicker and sometimes even an invisible process, designed for all children, teenagers and adults who want and need to correct their natural smile.

There are many reasons as to why a person has the option to use this procedure. Identifiable once a child’s adult teeth start coming through, dentists can recognise the signs that indicate that a child needs to have some kind of straightening device applied to their teeth, in order to correct their bite or move their teeth into a healthier position.

A mouth with straight teeth is deemed to be more healthy as the ability to clean each tooth and between each tooth is vastly easier, which therefore limits the amount of food debris build-up which can cause plaque and lead to tooth loss and gum disease.

What are some of the options available to a patient?

Depending on each patient’s personal situation, there are several options that can be applied by an orthodontist in Liverpool that an individual can choose from in order to get the best results, whilst enjoying their journey to straight teeth at the same time.

There are the options of fixed or removable braces and these will normally consist of two parts; an upper and a lower. In order to correct a protruding upper jaw, they are joined together to pull the jaws into alignment.

It is very important that the patient continues to have excellent dental hygiene during treatment, as in fixed devices the brackets and wires need extra care. With removable options, food that gets trapped under the aligners can lead to bad breath and a build-up of plaque, as it cannot be easily washed away with saliva or drinking.

Removable appliances are very common and are a great alternative for patients who do not need to align their bite, but simply wish to straighten their teeth. Not every patient is recommended for this procedure, as they are more suited to less complex cases.

What are the signs of an incorrect bite?

For more complicated treatments that need to alter an overbite or an underbite, the more traditional devices are employed. Many options of more modern techniques can be used in order to reduce the impact that they may have on a patient’s life.

An overbite is when the upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw. Most people have a slight overbite and this is actually ideal, but in more serious cases, it can lead to a host of complications and does need to be treated.

An underbite therefore is when the lower teeth extend further outward than the upper front teeth. It can cause chronic pain and bacterial infections due to the need for constant mouth breathing. Dentists will identify an underbite quite quickly in children and advise parents on the appropriate steps to take.

A crossbite is another form of misalignment. This is where the dental arches do not line up when the mouth is closed. There are … Read More..