Patients Who May be Eligible for Braces in Birmingham

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Orthodontics, which commonly employ braces, is a form of dentistry that strives to reposition, and therefore straighten the teeth within the mouth. Orthodontics work by applying pressure on the teeth, enabling them to reach the desired position. Patients who may be leaning towards braces may suffer from overcrowded teeth, gaps within the teeth, or an ‘overbite’. Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that has been around for many years, however, in modern dental practices, traditional metal braces are not the only option.

Alternative forms of braces

Despite the effectiveness of traditional metal braces for resolving more severe dental cases (such as front protrusion of the teeth), alternative forms of braces can also produce excellent results. Patients who may be reluctant to receive ‘train tracks’ may be of an older generation, or simply do not wish for obvious dental work. Traditional metal braces may be considered unsightly, which is why there is now a desire for many patients to receive both subtle, and fast acting orthodontic work. Arguably the most popular form of discreet braces are clear aligners and possibly the most popular brand provider of these is Invisalign.

Why choose clear braces?

Invisalign is a brand provider for clear aligners which are used nationwide by many dental clinics. Invisalign are clear aligners which can produce results in as little as eighteen weeks, they have the advantage of being removable, which can be convenient for many patients. Clear aligners have risen dramatically in popularity within recent years, due to their invisible appearance, and effective dental results.

The treatment process

Aside from their results, Invisalign uses the best dental technology, employing a digital three dimensional impression system to plan a patient’s treatment process. As with any dental treatment, all patients start with an initial consultation, after impressions have been taken (without the use of unpleasant dental putty) the exact number of trays are determined, this dramatically reduces the number of appointments required.

Patients who may end up with Invisalign

Patients who are suffering from misaligned teeth, overcrowded teeth, an overbite or an underbite may be eligible for clear aligners.

How much do clear aligners cost?

Much like any dental treatment, the cost varies greatly depending on the individual dental case. Although it’s hard to give an estimate, the average cost of an Invisalign treatment is clearly worth the investment. Many patients may be concerned about the imagined price of Invisalign, however it is always worth talking to your dental practice first to understand the amounts involved and just how much most patients get out of the treatment. With modern dental establishments there are many payment plans available, such as monthly instalment options, some with 0% interest.

Other options

Aside from clear aligners, there are many alternative options available within the field of dentistry. Inman aligners and lingual braces are just a few examples of orthodontics which produce effective results, with a more discreet appearance in comparison to traditional metal braces.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are an excellent alternative to traditional braces, … Read More..

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A Chance to Reinvent a Smile

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More than 5 million teeth are knocked out each year, many due to sporting injuries, so it is therefore not that uncommon for individuals to be involved in an accident of some kind that requires dental work. Even slight trips or falls can spell disaster if the impact is on the face and mouth.

Even with all the preventive care available, dentists cannot always stop the loss of a tooth due to a sporting injury or accident. They will work hard in every other way to ensure that patients do not need to have a tooth removed due to poor oral hygiene, but even with all of the tools and technology available to them, they cannot save every tooth.

They can however provide their patients, who have lost a tooth for whatever reason, an opportunity to enjoy a full set of functional teeth again which can aid in keeping them healthy and confident in their smile as well.

Replacing a visible tooth has many benefits. It is strongly recommended that an individual replaces a missing tooth as quickly as possible so that the impact to their surrounding teeth is minimised. Patients can enjoy eating, chewing and speaking naturally and no longer need to be embarrassed about their gappy smile.

A dentist in Sydney CBD will work with the patients that they have who have lost one or many of their teeth and will offer a range of different options and treatment plans that can suit even the most complicated of cases. This type of professional, friendly and inviting practice blends modern technology with tried and true traditional practice, so that their patients can feel secure in knowing that they are being treated by professionals who are experienced in their field.

Why choose dental implants?

These tooth implants give the body another chance at restoring itself so that there are potentially less long-term complications that need to be dealt with as a result of missing teeth. It is the closest way in which an oral health care professional can imitate a natural tooth and root.

This is important because of the way the body reacts to a missing tooth. When a tooth root is gone, the jawbone is no longer stimulated as it should be and therefore begins to break down over time, thinking that it is no longer needed. Dentures, which sit on top of the gum line, do not stimulate the jawbone as they should and this is why a person who has dentures finds that their face begins to sag over time. Jawbone degradation could even be the reason behind slipping dentures in their mouth.

An implant however will continue to stimulate the jawbone as a natural tooth root once did. A titanium rod is inserted into the jaw and over time, this material is known to bind and fuse with the bone itself to create a permanent and stable location for dentures, crowns or bridges to be attached to. This gives patients security in knowing they now … Read More..

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Taking the Straight Path to a Beautiful Smile

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Professional adults, and teenagers alike, find that they lean towards teeth straightening options where the device they use is less obvious to other people when they smile. Invisalign in Bedford is a device that is targeted to many different individuals from all walks of life. It has several different treatment plans which can be used to ideally match the misalignment issue that people commonly experience.

Dental care professionals know that some of their patients are hesitant to straighten their teeth because they are unsure how their professional image will hold up should they wear traditional braces. Even if straightening teeth is for the greater good, the here and now is very important for any individual’s career, and sometimes they simply cannot sacrifice what is happening in their lives at one moment for a goal to be achieved in a few years time.

Teenagers are very vulnerable and may be more likely to participate willingly if they have a treatment plan that is considerate of their self esteem concerns.

So, if there is a treatment plan that fits in to the busy working lifestyle of an adult or a self-conscious teenager, whilst allowing these patients to see real results with infrequent dental visits, then this is beneficial to everyone. The more people are able to straighten their teeth comfortably means more people can enjoy a healthier mouth and smile.

Wearing aligners could allow people to obtain the smile they have always wanted.

How can this work?

These clear, removable plastic trays fit over teeth and when they are worn are barely noticeable. They do need to be worn for at least twenty hours every day for results to be seen. Approximately every two weeks, a new set of aligners take patients one step closer to their new smile.

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for this treatment as it is designed for those with mild or moderate misalignments. They work by pushing teeth into their correct position, and in some instances, traditional braces are more suitable as the dentist has more control over the movement of teeth as they pull the teeth gradually into correct alignment.

Patients who have more complex issues with their teeth may need to look into a combination of treatment programs or simply stick with the tried and true method. By speaking with a dentist, patients will have a better understanding about what is best for their personal situation.

What happens after?

A retainer is often worn after the treatment program is complete in order to maintain the position of the smile. A patient doesn’t need to wear this retainer all the time but it is recommended to wear at night for several months. This is because teeth can gradually shift back into their original position if left without some kind of support in those early months after treatment is complete. Ligaments that hold teeth in position move just like rubber bands. These ligaments will naturally want to snap back so it is important that a person … Read More..


Discover the Hidden Wonder behind Invisalign in Kings Hill

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Freedom to smile

Historically, getting braces has been the fount of a great deal of anxiety and fear in many teenagers and young adults across the country. The reasons behind this has often spanned from a great deal of misinformation and misconception around how braces would have a detrimental effect in the way they looked, with many patients often conjuring up imagery of large, unsightly headgear, or lisp-inducing metal braces.

However, in reality this is far from the case, as there are now – thanks to the wonders of modern dental science – several forms of discreet orthodontic options available. In recent years there has been a considerable increase in the number of patients seeking out information on such treatments like Invisalign in Kings Hill, and a record amount of youngsters enjoying the hidden magic of treatments such as Invisalign.

Clearly on to something

The story of how Invisalign came to be, began as an idea from Zia Chishti, a graduate from Stanford University in the US, in around 1996. After Chishti had  first-hand experience of how orthodontics of that time could negatively impact a patient’s appearance, he decided to take action. Despite a lack of any formal orthodontic training, Chishti’s idea would forever change the face of modern orthodontics, through the Invisalign method. In 1997, Chishti teamed up with fellow graduate Kelsey Wirth, and launched Align Technology, which is the company behind Invisalign, and moved to San Jose, California to begin implementing Chishti’s idea.

The basis behind the Invisalign method was to replace conventional orthodontic materials including fused metal brackets and connecting wires, with a plastic, removable retainer. The retainer would be made using a specifically designed, transparent, plastic known as Smarttrack. Smartrack would be used because of its consistency – firm, yet malleable – and would be perfect for application as a retainer. When worn over the patient’s teeth, the retainer would use pressure points within it to slowly move a patient’s teeth back to their proper alignment. The main factor which would separate Invisalign from all other forms of orthodontics, however, was that – as the retainers would be custom moulded around the specific shape of the teeth – when worn, it would fit so well that it would become practically invisible.

Since its initial launch in 2001, the Invisalign method has grown to become one of the world’s most successful methods of cosmetic orthodontics, and has helped restore the smiles of over 7 million happy patients worldwide, with over 2.5 million of these being teenagers.

Discreetly different

One of the main persuasive factors in the Invisalign method over other, more commonplace forms of orthodontic alignment, is the discreet advantage of the process. This may explain the process’s popularity with teenagers and young adults, who may be somewhat more open to scrutiny. Invisalign however, unlike most other forms of orthodontics, allows patients to achieve a straighter looking smile, without the treatment impacting how they are perceived. Also, an additional factor which separates the Invisalign method … Read More..


How to Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

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Many people resolve to be healthier, both at New Year’s and throughout the year when they realize that their health is lagging. However, getting healthier is such a broad goal that it’s hard to know where to start. Consider committing to one of these tasks as the first step in your journey to a happier and healthier you.

Improve Your Dental Hygiene

Brushing and flossing are no one’s favorite tasks, but they are crucial to ensuring that you do not develop cavities, gingivitis, and other serious issues. Not only should you perform these daily cleanings, but you should also visit your dentist every six months to address bigger problems. Your dentist may suggest procedures that require equipment such as high speed dental handpiece cartridge replacement. Always listen to your dentist’s recommendations and complete all treatment plans that he or she suggests.

Prioritize Healthy Eating

Eating a balanced diet is one of the best ways that you can improve your health. By reducing your intake of junk food and consuming lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, you can lose weight and decrease your chances of cardiovascular problems. You will also find that eating right makes other healthy choices such as exercising easier. Note that you do not have to completely cut unhealthy foods out of your diet. Just make sure that you eat them as treats rather than as your go-to foods.

Get Enough Sleep

When you haven’t had enough sleep, you’re tired and irritable. You’re also more likely to put on weight and become stressed. Doctors recommend that adults get eight hours of sleep a night. Develop a bedtime routine and avoid screens for at least an hour before you want to fall asleep to help you get to bed on time.

Make one of these changes today to become the healthiest version of yourself possible.… Read More..