The Modern Solution to Crooked Teeth

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Within the modern world of orthodontic dentistry many patients may wish to find an appliance that addresses their dental insecurities (whether this be front protrusion of the teeth, misalignment, or generally crooked teeth within the mouth) while possessing subtlety too. If you are an individual who wishes for a straighter smile then clear aligners could be the ideal appliance for your unique dental case.

What are the benefits of Invisalign Weybridge?

Many patients may find the modern world of orthodontic dentistry tough to navigate, due to the ever increasing orthodontic appliances now becoming widely available. Despite this variety however, Invisalign clear aligners are deemed as the modern alternative to conventional metal braces, whilst producing effective dental results too. Despite Invisalign clear aligners producing over four million happy smiles on a global scale (and therefore boasting mass popularity) many patients may still be unsure of what to expect from the clear aligner treatment process.

What to expect from Invisalign clear aligners

Invisalign clear aligners may be the first appliance that springs to a patient’s mind when ‘invisible braces’ are mentioned. This is due to their transparent plastic appearance which leads to a practically invisible treatment smile. While their discreet appearance may be the first thing that attracts a patient to these clear aligners, Invisalign also boasts a wealth of other benefits that could work well for any dental case.

Did you know?

Invisalign clear aligners are replaced every few weeks in order to slowly adjust the position of a patient’s pre-treatment smile. Throughout the treatment process the individual should remove their appliance to eat and clean their teeth, therefore wearing the aligners for as long as possible within the twenty four hour time period. In addition to their convenience, and therefore flexible nature however, Invisalign also embraces the latest advancements within dental technology.

Predicting the results of your post-treatment smile

Invisalign clear aligners are just one example of a modern brand provider which is choosing to embrace the very latest advancements within dental technology. Invisalign uses a three dimensional scanning technique, which can not only show the patient how their potential smile may look, but can also predict the exact movements the teeth will make to reach the desired post-treatment smile!

So you’ve finished your Invisalign treatment, what happens next?

After completing your Invisalign treatment journey, many patients may be unsure of how to maintain the results for their post-treatment smile, within the comfort of their own home. In addition to paying regular visits to their local dental clinic, patients should also wear a retainer appliance which ensures the desired positioning of the teeth is maintained within the mouth.

How long will the Invisalign process take?

Much like any other dental treatment (this may be cosmetic, preventive, or even restorative dentistry) the expected treatment process and timings can vary greatly between each individual patient. Despite this however, clear aligners can be expected to take anywhere from between twelve to eighteen months to produce effective orthodontic results. However it is a … Read More..


Could Your Smile Benefit From All that Sheen Dental in Richmond Can Offer?

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Reshaping conceptions

It has never been easier to have a full set of bright, healthy teeth than it is today. Throughout the course of human history, it has never been easier for anyone to achieve a healthy smile. In the past, it was only the rich and prosperous who could afford to have healthy teeth or dentures – however nowadays treatments are more affordable than they have ever been. This affordability, coupled with the increased focus that people are paying to their outward appearances and oral health, has led to more and more people looking into all that trusted dental practices such as Sheen Dental could be doing to help their smiles.

Cosmetic dentistry solutions

More than ever before people are increasingly seeking out further information about cosmetic dentistry solutions which can help boost their inner confidence, self-esteem, and appearance. Treatment of this nature is designed to specifically combat one or more superficial concerns that patients commonly have about their teeth. One of the most widely requested treatments of this sort is cosmetic dental tooth whitening. Many people often dislike the shade of their enamel, and there are certain factors that can increase the likelihood of a patient’s teeth becoming stained, yellow, greyish in colour, or marked.

Lifestyle choices such as smoking or chewing tobacco products, or consuming an excess of staining fluids such as red wine, or black teas and coffees can lead to a person’s enamel becoming duller in colour or having visible stains. The enamel is the furthest out layer of a person’s tooth, and is actually made of the strongest naturally occurring material in our bodies. However, whilst it may be strong, our enamel is prone to becoming duller in color as we age, and it is difficult to naturally reverse this – regardless of how frequently or effectively we maintain our oral health. Thankfully though, through cosmetic tooth whitening, patients can have their enamel visibly brighter and leave the practice the same day with a gleaming white smile.

In-practice whitening

For the most effective and quickest results, many people opt for in-practice whitening which is carried out by a professional and done from within the dentist’s chair. The process of this kind of whitening involves the creation of a uniquely made retainer for each patient which fits them perfectly. Into this retainer, the cosmetic whitening specialist places a small amount of a safe hydrogen-peroxide bleaching agent. The retainer is then placed directly onto the patient’s teeth, and the bleaching agent acts almost immediately and begins to visibly whiten the patient’s teeth.

In as short a timescale as just an hour, patients can leave their dental practice with a visibly whiter and more confident smile. This may explain why this procedure has gained such popularity with young professionals and adults who want to look their best in preparation for an interview or social occasion. There are also home-whitening kits which can be bought from a reputable dentist. These operate in a similar method and involve … Read More..

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A Clear Solution that Millions have Chosen

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Millions of happy patients cannot be wrong. Invisalign in Weybridge is a convenient, fast and innovative way for individuals to have their teeth straightened without needing to worry about wires that cut into their cheeks, brackets that can leave marks on their teeth or even having to worry about certain foods getting stuck in between their braces during their teeth straightening journey.

Traditional braces have their place, certainly. They are still in popular use, especially for individuals who have more severe cases of malocclusion and will benefit from the control that dentists have over how teeth are moved.

But for those people who have slight misalignments and perhaps the issue is more of a cosmetic one, there are some treatments available that are more convenient, more discreet and because they are streamlined to offer solutions to precise problems that are common for cosmetic enhancements, can be faster as well.

Often aimed at adults, although designs have been specifically made for teenagers in mind as well, discreet, removable aligners are taking the world by storm as they are providing individuals with a way to straighten their teeth without needing to visit a dental practice every few weeks. They can straighten their teeth in the comfort of their own home, essentially, with the support available should they want it or need it, to monitor their progress and make sure it is on the right path.

Understanding the different types of braces that are available is the first step in deciding what option will be best for a certain individual. A dentist will be able to gloss over the advantages and disadvantages of each option and upon discussing with their patient what their expectations are and what their lifestyle entails, should be able to guide them into choosing the right device that will meet their needs.

Why are removable aligners a good choice for so many?

The innovative approach to how the procedure works are appealing for many individuals because they have a lot of control over the process which gives them that confidence in the entire system.

During the initial consultation, a scan will be made of the individual’s teeth and this scan will then be projected for them to see. Using digital technology, dentists are able to provide their patients with a visual representation of how the treatment will work; essentially how the teeth will shift over the coming months to become aligned.

The patient, if they agree to carry on with the treatment, will after a couple of weeks be given the first of their aligner trays. They wear this tray for a number of weeks before progressing on to the next tray.

Each tray that they move forward with will bring them that much was closer to their smile goals. They will visit their dentist every few months to pick up the next bundle of trays and to have a one-on-one with their dentist to make sure that they are comfortable with the treatment or that they have no … Read More..

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Dental Health Tips That You Should Know

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Dental Health
Gingivitis, a form of periodontal illness, is defined as power irritation of the gums. Periodontal illness usually starts as easy plaque. When the baby’s teeth begin to erupt, brush them gently with a small, delicate-bristled toothbrush utilizing a pea-sized quantity of fluoridated toothpaste. The food particles, which discover their approach by way of the tiny crevices between your tooth, can only be removed by flossing.

A strict regimen of brushing with a comfortable bristled brush, mild flossing, antibacterial rinsing, and common periodontal cleanings may also help keep periodontal illness at bay. Loads of gunk can construct up between your enamel, as well as envelope under your gums, thus inflicting plaque to build up. It could possibly additionally result in gingivitis or halitosis of the mouth- to not mention painful cavities.

After having undergone dental procedure, keep away from rinsing your mouth for not less than 24 hours. This is why flossing is considered extraordinarily vital in sustaining good dental well being. In this article, we discuss tips to comply with for maintaining oral health after undergoing a dental process.

This is useful in removing plaque that accumulates on the gums. Also, make sure you use a delicate-bristled toothbrush, which gently protects your gums with out being too arduous on them. The micro organism produce toxins, proteins, and free radicals that damage our gums.

Dental Health

Dental Health

Weight problems And Dental Well being

Brushing and flossing are maybe two of the most boring actions. If left untreated, gingivitis can result in gum disease, which is the leading reason for some critical dental issues and tooth loss in adults.
Dental Health
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Vitamins For Dental Health

Dental care is a vital, yet typically uncared for, aspect of a kid?s overall health. Don’t forget to brush your tongue, and avoid vigorous scrubbing to stop gum irritation or bleeding. You should definitely exchange your toothbrush each three to four months, or once your brush bristles develop into boring- whichever comes first. Avoid utilizing fingers, tongue, cheek, or other objects on teeth, even if it irritates you after dental surgical procedure.

Brushing and flossing are perhaps two of the most boring activities. Because you will not be able to reach tight and narrow spaces in between your enamel through the use of a toothbrush, you should consider flossing regularly. For those who had root canal remedy or gum graft, keep away from utilizing a brush for at least every week.

Ideas To Enhance Dental Health After Dental Surgical procedure

Dental Health
Most of us would think about our meals choices unhealthy, not only within the sense that they interfere with the performance of some of our most necessary organs, but in addition in that they plainly compromise our oral health. After dental surgery, your jawbones are inclined to become stiff and unpleasant because, dental procedure makes your mouth to open vast for lengthy hours. Eat a extra balanced weight-reduction plan … Read More..


Patients Who May be Eligible for Braces in Birmingham

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Orthodontics, which commonly employ braces, is a form of dentistry that strives to reposition, and therefore straighten the teeth within the mouth. Orthodontics work by applying pressure on the teeth, enabling them to reach the desired position. Patients who may be leaning towards braces may suffer from overcrowded teeth, gaps within the teeth, or an ‘overbite’. Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that has been around for many years, however, in modern dental practices, traditional metal braces are not the only option.

Alternative forms of braces

Despite the effectiveness of traditional metal braces for resolving more severe dental cases (such as front protrusion of the teeth), alternative forms of braces can also produce excellent results. Patients who may be reluctant to receive ‘train tracks’ may be of an older generation, or simply do not wish for obvious dental work. Traditional metal braces may be considered unsightly, which is why there is now a desire for many patients to receive both subtle, and fast acting orthodontic work. Arguably the most popular form of discreet braces are clear aligners and possibly the most popular brand provider of these is Invisalign.

Why choose clear braces?

Invisalign is a brand provider for clear aligners which are used nationwide by many dental clinics. Invisalign are clear aligners which can produce results in as little as eighteen weeks, they have the advantage of being removable, which can be convenient for many patients. Clear aligners have risen dramatically in popularity within recent years, due to their invisible appearance, and effective dental results.

The treatment process

Aside from their results, Invisalign uses the best dental technology, employing a digital three dimensional impression system to plan a patient’s treatment process. As with any dental treatment, all patients start with an initial consultation, after impressions have been taken (without the use of unpleasant dental putty) the exact number of trays are determined, this dramatically reduces the number of appointments required.

Patients who may end up with Invisalign

Patients who are suffering from misaligned teeth, overcrowded teeth, an overbite or an underbite may be eligible for clear aligners.

How much do clear aligners cost?

Much like any dental treatment, the cost varies greatly depending on the individual dental case. Although it’s hard to give an estimate, the average cost of an Invisalign treatment is clearly worth the investment. Many patients may be concerned about the imagined price of Invisalign, however it is always worth talking to your dental practice first to understand the amounts involved and just how much most patients get out of the treatment. With modern dental establishments there are many payment plans available, such as monthly instalment options, some with 0% interest.

Other options

Aside from clear aligners, there are many alternative options available within the field of dentistry. Inman aligners and lingual braces are just a few examples of orthodontics which produce effective results, with a more discreet appearance in comparison to traditional metal braces.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are an excellent alternative to traditional braces, … Read More..