Best Marijuana Detoxification Shampoo for Total Cleansing


There are various types of drug testing procedures that can be carried out in laboratories. The tests are aimed at proving the presence of drug toxins in saliva, blood, urine, or hair samples. A hair follicle test is considered to be very hard to cheat. This is why more labs are adopting the procedure in order to get reliable results. It is scary even for those that have never consumed any illicit substance.

Hair follicles are tiny pocket-like holes in the skin that ensure hair growth. You can have over 100,000 of them on your scalp alone. They are located in the outer layer (epidermis) of your skin. The bottom of the follicle is where growth starts to take place and the process is aided by nourishment gotten from nearby blood vessels.

You may be asked to undergo such a test for any reason and the scheduled date may be in a few days or weeks. Do not waste time; start looking for the right product. Get a detox shampoo that tops the charts for the best results. The fact is that there are detox shampoos in the market that offer total cleansing and can make you get a “negative” result.

With the tests, the presence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can be detected for up to 3 months after use. When drugs are ingested, they undergo some chemical reactions in the body and get transformed to metabolites. These metabolites are stored in the follicles.

The Test Procedure

When you have been called for a test, what you will have to do is to appear at the venue so that a sample can be gotten. The professional will take at least a 100 strands from different parts of your head. If you are bald or the strands are too short, then the samples will be taken from other parts of your body such as the chest, legs, armpits, arms, and so on. In order to get the best samples, professionals usually cut close to the base of the skull.

The required height of each strand of hair to be cut is at least one-and-a-half inch. This is because the growth rate of each strand is one half-inch every four weeks. Since the test is considered valid for a 90-day period, this is seen as the right sample measurement that corresponds with that timeframe. The sample will be tested in a lab and the result will be typically ready within 3 days. 

Passing a Drug Test

The simplest way to pass the drug test is by abstinence. This entails desisting from smoking or ingesting marijuana in any form. The period of abstinence has to be for at least 110 days just to play safe. Read more about that here.

Another method that you can try is to shave off the hair on your head and body. If you do so for your head only, the sample can be gotten from other areas of the body. Shaving your entire body can attract suspicion, especially if you were notified about the test. Therefore, it is still a good option to go through with the shampoo wash.

It is believed that you have a better chance of beating a blood or urine test than a hair follicle test. This is because the cells are no longer ridding themselves of toxins, once the strand grows past the follicle. Technically, they become dead after growth exceeds follicle level.

Not all detox shampoos you see online are effective. Do your research well before making a choice because some products can only cleanse partially. What they do is to act on the cuticle and the outer layer without penetrating the shaft. The shaft is the core of the strands and is what actually gets tested in labs, so look for a cleanser that has the strength to penetrate it. Read every word of the product information before placing your order (online).

To effectively cleanse, you should try detoxing as many times as you can before the test the scheduled test. Ensure that all instructions guiding the use of the product are followed. Most products will suggest that you leave the shampoo on your hair for several minutes before rinsing. You can also try heat styling and dyeing to support the work of the shampoo.

Read more about that here:

Final Words…

Keep in mind that the products you see online may be expensive to you depending on what you are willing to spend. Make the purchase worthwhile by ensuring that the best product was chosen. Look for real reviews that contain factual information about the product.

If marijuana is a controlled substance in your country, then you should seriously consider abstaining from smoking or ingesting it in whatever form. Get a DIY home testing kit or pay for a lab test to be sure that your hair is totally detoxed.

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