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The Things You Need To Know About Monograms

The basic way to describe monogramming is that it is a style of marking an item with the initial of a person. Identifying the person who made the item or the person on which the item was created was the purpose that the monogram served in the past. Even in the modern world today, it is considered a common practice to mark the household items with initials and the date of purchase. In the end, monogramming became something that would crate the appearance and add some worth to an item, as well as to express ownership.

A monogram would always use a combination of three letters as its standard, but if you want to use one or two letters, you can actually do. The initial of the first, last, and middle names of a person is the normal three way combination in the standard monogram, and you should be reading it from left to right in that exact order. The initial of the last name will be larger than the letters for the initial of the first and middle name, and it should be placed in the middle.

It would not matter on the number of letters that will be used, they will all be formed usually with upper class or capital letters. The other characteristics would generally be different based on the tone that will be used in the appearance of the letters for the monogram when it comes to typography. The monogram will show a feeling of informality or formality, femininity or masculinity, etc., with the use of different placement, color, size, and shape. There are also times wherein so many letters will be overlapped, placed in an unusual shape, or even create a more artistic feel by decorating the letters. But in order for the letters in the monogram to remain unique from the several other decorative theme, it should be readable.

There are some items like the jewelries that are made similar to how monograms are fashioned. But monograms are normally found as embossed, embroidered, printed, or engrave. Monograms that are printed are usually seen on the items that are mass produced or less expensive. Monograms that are engraved are usually etched or carved on the surfaces of glass, metal, or wood. While the items such as personalized stationery, expensive, are where you will usually see the monograms that are mashed or embossed.

Leather and fabric items is where you will commonly see the monograms that are embroidered or stitched. There might be cases where it is possible to print the initials but the obvious choice is to have them embroidered or stitched. That is because a monogram that will be embroidered or stitched into a towel made of terrycloth will most probably wear better as compared to those that are printed on the towel.

It is really popular during the days to use monograms that are embroidered to carry a message that usually would have a high moral tone.

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