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The Benefits of Embracing Electronic Health Records Today

A lot of change has been witnessed as a result of technology. For instance, in the health sector, the usage of EHRs which has been embraced by most health institutions lately. Some years back, health records were stored in paper form where healthcare practitioners could jot down a patient’s findings and have them stored. EHRs has made it possible for health information to be transmitted electronically. This has led to improvement in service provision and the quality of healthcare. Below are pointers stating the importance of electronic healthcare records nowadays.

Electronic health records enables healthcare organizations to save time. It is quite difficult to find patients files when the records are stored physically in files. The use of EHRs eliminates the use of physical storage means thus, files and records are easily accessed. It takes a few seconds to access a patient’s medical information. At the same time, less time is wasted as the staff members don’t have to spend the better part of the day filing files and records. Research has it that around 80 percent of hospitals that uphold the use of EHRs have improved in terms of efficiency. Unlike the earlier years where it could take a patient days to access their lab results, the EHRs has changed that ordeal to just a few hours or less.

EHRs has increased the rate of convenience in hospitals. This is because a staff member is able to access a file even while they are away from the workplace. Unlike before where a staff member had to be in the room as the files for them to access the health records. Embracing EHRs has improved the rate of communication among staff members. Files are now sent between doctors, nurses and other staff members for purposes of cross-checking and approvals. It has also made it easy for doctors to communicate with their patients and for the easy process of hospital bills. If a patient makes an appointment and wishes to terminate it, EHRs will facilitate the process.

There is nothing as traumatic as a patient being prescribed the wrong medication. In some cases, the patient can undergo severe damages as a result. The use of EHRs has created a platform where a doctor is alerted when a certain prescription is not fit for the patient. The system is able to tell if a patient’s health history matches with their current prescription. The system plays a crucial role in protecting patients health. If a patient gives authorization, it is possible for various doctors to access their health records. This makes it possible for a health practitioners to be able to correctly diagnose a patient as they are able to view their past test, diagnosis, examinations that were conducted by different health practitioners. In the long-run, you are assured of the best service in healthcare.

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