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How to Detect Cancer in Men

Cancer is a deadly disease that has a lot of bad symptoms, one of them begin that it does not discriminate. No matter how good you are at watching your health, chances are you ma till getting cancer. You need to be able to tell when it is starting to affect you. Cancer presents itself through certain signs.

If you notice problems when you go to urinate, such a leaking and dribbling, going too many times or being unable to, see your doctor immediately. These could be indicators of prostate issues. It may be an enlarged prostate, or a sign of prostate cancer. It is vital to know the difference.

When you notice your testicles have changed, where one appears bigger than the other, or you feel a lump in there where it was absent before, it could be testicular cancer. It is vital to confirm whether it is. To save your life, it may have to be removed. Complete recovery is possible only through early detection.

If you notice an unpleasant discharge under your foreskin, along with a red rash in the pubic area or ulcers, have a doctor examine it to ascertain whether it is penile cancer. It is normally rare, but very nasty when it has stayed on for too long. There are medical interventions that can heal this condition, such as circumcision surgery, radiotherapy, to name a few. The earlier, the better.

Rarely do men think they can get breast cancer. Men constitute only 1% of all breast cancer cases present. When you are aware of this figure and still notice a lump in your breast area, seek medical advice all the same.
The presence of blood when you visit the loo, either to pee or defecate could be a sign of cancer of the colon, bladder or kidneys. Despite how embarrassing it may seem, it is vital that you consult your doctor. Your life could be in jeopardy.

People always think of erectile dysfunction as a result of old age or lack of interest in sex, which may not be the case. It could actually be a sign of cancer. It is vital that you tell the difference, through medical consultation.

When you notice the presence of unsightly white or red patches forming inside your mouth, you need to be concerned. It may simply be a sign of poor oral hygiene. Those who smoke of chew tobacco should not take it lightly, as it could mean you have mouth cancer.

Stay alert for any indicators of cancer, and get yourself checked out often. Early confirmation of cancer gives you an opportunity to prepare for it, and better chances of recovery.

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