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Four Instrumental Factors that Affect Invisalign Cost

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Methods used to correct teeth issues have developed technologically by leaps and bounds offering patients better results and convenience. Clear removable aligner trays have now become a go-to choice for patients desiring straighter, better-aligned teeth. The design of this type of orthodontic treatment contributes to the fact that it is in high demand: custom-fitted plastic trays that can be removed by the patient and a treatment process that requires fewer in-chair visits.  Added to this is the fact that the plastic trays are found more comfortable to wear in the mouth as the irritation to gums is minimized.

The reality that these aligner trays are different from other types of orthodontic appliances brings up the question of cost. It is not uncommon for the price of Invisalign treatment to be slightly higher than traditional types of orthodontic appliances. What factors then influence the increase in treatment costs?

A look into the Invisalign treatment costs.

1. The end product

Invisalign braces are custom-made for each patient. The trays are made from a uniquely developed thermoplastic material. A patient will have to wear a predetermined number of trays throughout the course of treatment.

2. The difficulty of corrective procedures

Invisalign cost in London will factor in how simple or how complex a patient’s case is. Simple teeth repositioning will require fewer trays and as a consequence, lower costs. More complex problems, especially if other dental issues need to be treated first, will most assuredly increase the cost of treatment. Obtaining quotes from more than one dental clinic will help patients in finding affordable treatment. A word of caution though – the cost of treatment should not take priority over quality of treatment.

3. Evaluation process and aftercare

The methods used by a dental practitioner to assess the orthodontic problem will also influence costs. There are different methods used in the assessment process ranging from X-rays to digital scanning technology. Does the dental practitioner have to make impressions or are scans sent directly to the laboratory? How much aftercare is offered or needed is another factor to consider. This again depends on the individual patient’s case and will need to be discussed with the dental practitioner.

4. External laboratory costs

As each patient’s set of trays are unique to accommodate their specific orthodontic needs, this requires a special set of skills. These trays are made at an external laboratory used by the dental clinic. Their fee is covered in the cost of treatment. The dental clinic may receive discounts from the laboratory depending on how much business they receive, and these savings may be passed down to the benefit of the patient.

Understanding the price structure of Invisalign treatments can be confusing for patients. It is important to ask for clarity during consultation on what is covered during treatment and what is not. A dental clinic that offers transparency in their pricing structure and who are willing to take the time to explain factors more carefully is a good indication that a quality … Read More..


Factors to Consider when Buying Direct-to-Consumer Braces

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According to the results of a study initiated by the UK Child Dental Health Survey even children as young as 12 years of age, in fact 58 per cent, struggle with the appearance of their teeth. Dental appliances such as braces remain one of the more reliable treatment methods used to give patients (both young and old) a glowing grin.

Orthodontic treatments focus on repositioning teeth into a better placement situation that improves the aesthetics of the mouth structure, as well as improving function in cases where malocclusion was a problem. While there is no doubt as to the purpose and life-enhancing benefits of orthodontic treatments, many patients are presented with a number of challenges that may prevent them from seeking the required dental treatment.

Challenges to receiving orthodontic treatment

The first challenge that comes to mind when thinking about orthodontic treatment is affordability. The time comes a close second and then there is the worry about accessibility. This is why there has been a stratospherically huge increase in the number of inquiries about clear braces in London as this service addresses all of these top common concerns when it comes to considering teeth-correcting treatments. The appeal of direct-to-consumer teeth correcting appliances can be put down mainly to the benefits they offer, of being stress-free and convenient.

5 Factors patients should consider in the decision-making process

1.  Healthy gums and teeth

Any pre-existing dental conditions such as loose teeth or gum problems can adversely affect any orthodontic treatment you want to receive. It is critical that these issues are treated first before attempting to straighten crooked teeth.

2. Costs involved

The cost of treatment bears a heavy influence on the type of orthodontic appliance used to straighten teeth positioning. It is not just the actual dental appliance that contributes to this cost, but also the number of dental appointments required. The location of dental clinics and the experience of the dental practitioner may also apply.

3. Are there any risks involved?

Risk factors not only affect dental health but can include financial risk, as well as general overall health. It is important when considering dental treatments to factor in potential risk and how one is going to be able to deal with unwarranted situations. What happens if the desired results are not obtained? How will a problem be handled?

4. Is the direct-to-consumer dental clinic industry compliant?

A reputable dental clinic staffed by dental practitioners that are certified and licensed promotes confident reliable dental treatments such as clear braces in London.

5. Make sure to conduct in-depth research

In the research-gathering process it is essential to have certain questions answered:

·         What is involved in the treatment process (are scans or impressions of teeth required)?

·         Will expert advice always be available when you need it?

·         Who is responsible for your treatment?

·         How will oral care be managed?

·         How is treatment progress evaluated?

Like many other industries, the dental industry is influenced by technological developments – … Read More..


Want an Award-Winning Smile?

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If you find it hard to smile in pictures or are constantly worrying whether people can notice your teeth when you talk, then maybe you should consider investing in orthodontic treatment.

In recent years, more and more adults have been researching convenient and efficient ways on how to obtain the smile they desire. If you are one of these people, visiting a dentist in Mackay may help you in making the right choice of dental treatment.

Crooked teeth 

Common in both adults and children, crooked teeth can come with health problems that can be rectified at your dentist. Teeth can either come in crooked, or they can become crooked over time due to habits such as sucking on a pacifier or tongue thrusting, which is when your tongue pushes too far into the mouth, resulting in an ‘open bite’. Having crooked teeth also means that it can be harder to clean and floss which can result in tooth decay or gum disease. If your teeth are causing health issues, an option to consider is getting braces. Although braces are generally considered a treatment for aesthetic purposes, straightening your teeth does also ensure that your teeth remain healthier for longer.

What are your options? 

Braces are considered a great option for individuals of any age as they aim to straighten teeth into their ideal positions improving both appearance and functionality. There is the option of investing in traditional braces, which are a series of metal or clear brackets attached to each tooth, and an archwire that runs through the bracket slots. Traditional braces are known to straighten the most complex dental problems relatively quickly and are also the least expensive type of braces to invest in. Another option to consider is porcelain or ceramic braces which are exactly like traditional braces, however instead of metal, the brackets are either transparent or the same colour as your teeth. If you still do not like the idea of having fixed braces another dental treatment that is proving to be more popular with adults is Invisalign.


Many dentists in Mackay are providers of Invisalign which are also known as clear aligners. With the aid of digital technology, you are given a set of clear plastic aligners to wear every day for two weeks before discarding and moving on to the next tray. Invisalign is ideal in that not only do you take the plastic aligners off to eat, but you can maintain your oral hygiene regime, as you are able to brush and floss as normal. It is important whilst undergoing your dental treatment to floss regularly to keep your gum line free from plaque. There are also interdental brushes which have bendable heads, these can reach areas of your teeth that are harder to clean.

If you still find it hard to clean your teeth during your dental treatment it is advisable to book regular trips to see your dentist for a hygiene session. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries … Read More..

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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry is the practice of improving a patient’s smile using a variety of techniques and treatments. Often general dentistry can be a form of cosmetic dentistry, such as white fillings, however, cosmetic dentistry is a separate form of dentistry which is committed purely to creating your best smile in Southampton.

Smile makeovers

If you are not sure what cosmetic treatment you would like, but want your smile to be improved, then many dental practices will offer a smile makeover treatment. The makeover will consider several of your features, such as your mouth shape and skin tone, and give you advice on what the best form of treatment would be. The aim of a smile makeover is to look at your entire appearance, and help your smile complement the entirety of your face.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the main treatments in cosmetic dentistry, as it is extremely low risk with a high reward. Teeth whitening treatments can be done at home too, both from online treatments and treatments given by a dentist. They can also be done in a dental practice and can also be administered to a specific tooth. This means that if you have one or a few teeth that are discoloured, then you don’t have to worry about affecting the other teeth in the process.

Cosmetic bonding

Cosmetic bonding is a similar level to teeth whitening in terms of risk and application; however, this will need to be administered by a professional dentist. Cosmetic bonding uses a specific tooth-coloured resin to repair and reconstruct certain parts of the enamel and restore a natural look to the teeth. If you have slightly chipped or cracked teeth, then cosmetic bonding can be a fantastic option if you do not feel like your teeth need to be replaced.


Veneers are another great option that may be the answer that you are looking for. If your roots and gums are healthy, but perhaps the crowns of your teeth are chipped or cracked, or maybe just unsightly, then veneers could be an option. Veneers are made from porcelain, which not only provides a fantastic look to your teeth aesthetically, but also significant damage protection, as porcelain is extremely durable.

Veneers are attached directly onto the enamel with an adhesive. The enamel is first drilled away slightly in order to provide a rougher surface for the veneer to bond with. It also provides a small amount of space for the veneers to fit into the mouth, so that they will look like your natural teeth.


Braces are another great option for your teeth, as they do not require any surgery, but can give you extremely straight teeth. Braces are available in many forms, and each has a specific set of benefits. If you are looking for effective results, then fixed braces are the most effective form of braces that you can find. However, many adults will go for Invisalign or other invisible braces, which means they can correct … Read More..


How to Choose a Family Dental Clinic

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When moving to a new area, families will undoubtedly prioritise registering with suitable health care providers. This will include both a local GP and dentist in Kings Hill. When deciding which dental clinic will most suit their needs, there will be many factors parents will consider. Choosing the appropriate family dental practitioner can be made easier when contemplating the following.

Does it matter if the clinic is local?

There will be times when a family may be in need of an emergency dental appointment, and there could be treatments that require regular follow-up appointments or the need for a patient to be accompanied home by a friend or relative, owing to sedation methods used. In all these instances, it is better for the dental clinic to be as close as possible to a patient’s home. Patients researching local clinics should ascertain the distance from their home or place of work and the ease of access by car and by other modes of transport, should they find themselves unable to drive to the dental practice.

Can they provide treatments for the entire family?

Parents will want the best dental care for their children and this could mean having access to orthodontics and regular dental appointments to maintain their children’s oral health. However, parents may also want to be able to have easy access to treatments for themselves, including cosmetic treatments such as teeth-straightening and teeth-whitening. Should this be the case, then parents will want to find a practice that can provide check-ups and treatments for the entire family.

Does the dental clinic make the family feel comfortable?

Attending a dental appointment can be daunting for many people, especially children that are not familiar with dental appointments, and people with dental phobias. A clinic that allows patients to attend the clinic and speak with the dental staff about any concerns they may have is one that can make patients feel more comfortable about attending appointments. Many clinics offer telephone or face-to-face consultations prior to committing to any kind of treatment and this can help to make parents and children aware of the different treatments available and how they are conducted.

Do they provide other types of aesthetics treatments?

It is now usual for reputable dental clinics to offer facial aesthetics in addition to cosmetic dentistry treatments. Adults that have previously received Botox or facial fillers elsewhere could find the convenience of being able to have these treatments administered at their local dental practice another reason to choose a particular clinic. As these types of treatments need to be administered every few months to maintain their results, it would make sense to choose a clinic that can be easily accessed and has the appropriate accreditations to conduct such treatments.

When a family moves to a new area or has a new child, it is important that they register themselves and the new child with a local dental practice as soon as possible. The earlier a child becomes familiar with attending dental appointments, the … Read More..