The Modern Solution to Crooked Teeth

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Within the modern world of orthodontic dentistry many patients may wish to find an appliance that addresses their dental insecurities (whether this be front protrusion of the teeth, misalignment, or generally crooked teeth within the mouth) while possessing subtlety too. If you are an individual who wishes for a straighter smile then clear aligners could be the ideal appliance for your unique dental case.

What are the benefits of Invisalign Weybridge?

Many patients may find the modern world of orthodontic dentistry tough to navigate, due to the ever increasing orthodontic appliances now becoming widely available. Despite this variety however, Invisalign clear aligners are deemed as the modern alternative to conventional metal braces, whilst producing effective dental results too. Despite Invisalign clear aligners producing over four million happy smiles on a global scale (and therefore boasting mass popularity) many patients may still be unsure of what to expect from the clear aligner treatment process.

What to expect from Invisalign clear aligners

Invisalign clear aligners may be the first appliance that springs to a patient’s mind when ‘invisible braces’ are mentioned. This is due to their transparent plastic appearance which leads to a practically invisible treatment smile. While their discreet appearance may be the first thing that attracts a patient to these clear aligners, Invisalign also boasts a wealth of other benefits that could work well for any dental case.

Did you know?

Invisalign clear aligners are replaced every few weeks in order to slowly adjust the position of a patient’s pre-treatment smile. Throughout the treatment process the individual should remove their appliance to eat and clean their teeth, therefore wearing the aligners for as long as possible within the twenty four hour time period. In addition to their convenience, and therefore flexible nature however, Invisalign also embraces the latest advancements within dental technology.

Predicting the results of your post-treatment smile

Invisalign clear aligners are just one example of a modern brand provider which is choosing to embrace the very latest advancements within dental technology. Invisalign uses a three dimensional scanning technique, which can not only show the patient how their potential smile may look, but can also predict the exact movements the teeth will make to reach the desired post-treatment smile!

So you’ve finished your Invisalign treatment, what happens next?

After completing your Invisalign treatment journey, many patients may be unsure of how to maintain the results for their post-treatment smile, within the comfort of their own home. In addition to paying regular visits to their local dental clinic, patients should also wear a retainer appliance which ensures the desired positioning of the teeth is maintained within the mouth.

How long will the Invisalign process take?

Much like any other dental treatment (this may be cosmetic, preventive, or even restorative dentistry) the expected treatment process and timings can vary greatly between each individual patient. Despite this however, clear aligners can be expected to take anywhere from between twelve to eighteen months to produce effective orthodontic results. However it is a … Read More..

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Is it Time You Sought Out a Dentist in Richmond to Help Your Smile?

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Stay on top of your smile

When times are tough, sometimes all we can do is put on a brave facade and attempt to smile in the face of adversity and uncertainty. The ability to do so is, arguably, one of humanity’s most endearing qualities, and something which makes us truly human. However, for those out there who are embarrassed about the health or visible appearance of their teeth, this can often prove to be extremely difficult and even lead to further embarrassment or self-consciousness. This is why anyone who feels that one or more aspects of their teeth are impacting how they look and feel ought to speak to their local dentist Richmond, and begin to benefit from the wonders of modern, cosmetic dentistry. By doing so they will have effectively taken the first step on their unique journey towards a healthier smile – at a time when it is most needed.

What cosmetic treatments are available?

Cosmetic dentistry covers a massive expanse of different dental treatments – ranging from minimally or entirely non-invasive, to surgical procedures. This is why, if you feel there are one or more aspects of your smile which could be enhanced by cosmetic surgery, it is recommended that you arrange to speak to a professional about your reasons for doing so. By doing this, through either a physical, or (more likely during the current climate) a digital consultation, a cosmetic expert can then determine what treatments are on offer to treat the specific cosmetic problem you have raised. For those who are perhaps looking to treat multiple cosmetic problems through one treatment, porcelain veneers may be a viable solution as they give patients the ability to fundamentally craft an entirely new smile – without the need for time-consuming or invasive surgical treatments.

What are porcelain veneers?

For those who are unaware, porcelain veneers (or just veneers) are a way of quickly and effectively reshaping a patient’s teeth, without removing or moving them. They are basically wafer-thin, shell-like porcelain coverings which are uniquely made to fit the dimensions of each of the patient’s teeth perfectly. After they have been made, the porcelain veneer coverings are then individually attached to the front and back of each individual tooth – effectively giving the patient an entirely new smile. It is possible to opt for a single veneer, in cases where one tooth is out of shape, chipped, stained or discoloured. It is also possible to opt for an entire set of veneers to cover every tooth. This is the preferred option for those who are looking to give their smiles a complete makeover and solve a number of cosmetic problems – such as gaps between teeth, chips, staining and irregularities – through a single treatment. The first step, for anyone who feels that veneers could potentially be the answer to their oral worries and concerns, would be to arrange a consultation with a reputable cosmetic dentistry expert. In doing so it can effectively get the ball … Read More..

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Imperfect Smiles Cause Insecurities with Far-Reaching Consequences but Orthodontist Liverpool Can Help

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According to research carried out, 40 per cent of UK adults are dissatisfied with how their smiles look. A person’s smile has been the source of much scientific study and the conclusions drawn have a weighty impact on daily life.

When it comes to social attractiveness, a person’s smile is often the first thing we notice in others, and we tend to make social judgements based on our perceptions of that smile.

We attach much significance to the smile: we make inferences about how friendly and intelligent a person is and whether they are deemed trustworthy and acceptable. For smiles that we find pleasing, we associate characteristics such as higher intelligence, more successful and more popular.

But what about smiles we find less appealing? When the look of a smile deviates from what is generally considered attractive, the judgements formed are less than desirable. These judgements extend to impact one’s professional life too with those with less ideal smiles placed at a disadvantage during job or promotion interviews. The prospective job seeker may be perceived as one with limited intelligence, unhealthy or untrustworthy and, therefore, less likely to be successful in securing the job. It is not uncommon for hiring managers to view candidates with winning smiles more favourably than those with poor dental appearance.

Such negative social judgements are not limited to adults alone as children and teenagers, too, can suffer from poor perceptions of others. The British Dental Association reports that on the list of top three reasons for bullying at school is poor dental appearance. 

Positive effects of orthodontic treatments

There are a number of dental conditions that may prevent you from smiling confidently. On this list of problems that make you feel embarrassed about your smile are dental decay, misaligned teeth, protruding jaws, missing teeth and discoloured teeth. This lack of confidence can lead to negative consequences that include depression, withdrawal from society and lack of self-esteem that may impact one’s career prospects.

Effective orthodontic care, as carried out by Orthodontist Liverpool, is a means for helping patients address the teeth and jaw issues that impact their ability to show off wide pleasing smiles.

Orthodontic treatments do much more than just reposition teeth with dental devices such as braces to make smiles look more aesthetically pleasing. Equally important are the extended benefits that relate to oral and general health (mental and physical). Consider benefits such as improved bite function on one’s social life with the ability to eat confidently in social settings or the relief from pain due to jaw joint problems or the savings in time and effort because straighter teeth are easier to clean and keep clean. Another much-appreciated benefit offered by orthodontics is protecting the teeth from damage. Patients with prominent teeth are more at risk of damaging their teeth should they fall or receive a knock on this area of the face. A dental practitioner can use orthodontic devices to align jaws that grow out of position.

Attain greater oral health … Read More..

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Invisible Braces the Easy Way

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It is estimated that nearly half of all children need braces and as many as 75% would benefit from the treatment to improve the shape of their face and make life a little easier. For those who don’t receive the treatment that they need, this can lead to further complications as they get older, which can be significantly detrimental to their confidence as adults.

Teeth will not naturally straighten, even if gaps are made with the removal of teeth because of injury or decay as people age. In fact, it is likely that they will cross or twist further, making their smiles even less attractive as they get older. Studies that look at the chances of scoring that job position in this difficult market have suggested that individuals with straight teeth are viewed as happier individuals who are more healthy and smarter.

So if there is anything a person can do to increase their chances of landing a job, ensuring that they are looking their healthiest and happiest by straightening their teeth is just one option they can look into.

However, it’s not only about job success. Having straight teeth also impacts an individual’s self-esteem, which in turn can allow them to be more confident in their social and romantic ventures as well.

This is not to mention the health benefits that having straighter teeth can provide. When teeth are not cramped or crossed, there is less likelihood for food debris and bacteria to remain in hard-to-reach places. Plaque and tartar build-up is often in places where teeth are closely packed together and can be difficult even for a professional to remove this residue over time.

So lets talk solutions

Invisalign in Luton is an effective, fast, and extremely discreet method to straighten teeth that is targeted to both teenagers and adults. It is unique in the way that it is a removable device, giving a sense of freedom to individuals where they can eat the foods they enjoy and remove their device for short periods for important occasions.

However, because this invisible solution is made of a clear plastic, even when worn, people do not need to know that a patient is undergoing a teeth straightening treatment.

Dentists know that the journey to straight teeth can be a daunting one and that many adults have put off correcting the alignment of their teeth for many years in potential fear of implications that wearing a device for a couple of years may have.

But now, with this cost-effective and innovative treatment plan, teeth can be straightened in as little as a few months, with an average procedure time of around a year for most patients. By discussing with a dentist whether they are suitable for this treatment plan and having a scan to look at their teeth and watch the transformation happen before their eyes, patients can get excited for a future that is full of confident, beautiful, and healthy-looking and feeling smiles of their own.… Read More..

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A Clear Solution that Millions have Chosen

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Millions of happy patients cannot be wrong. Invisalign in Weybridge is a convenient, fast and innovative way for individuals to have their teeth straightened without needing to worry about wires that cut into their cheeks, brackets that can leave marks on their teeth or even having to worry about certain foods getting stuck in between their braces during their teeth straightening journey.

Traditional braces have their place, certainly. They are still in popular use, especially for individuals who have more severe cases of malocclusion and will benefit from the control that dentists have over how teeth are moved.

But for those people who have slight misalignments and perhaps the issue is more of a cosmetic one, there are some treatments available that are more convenient, more discreet and because they are streamlined to offer solutions to precise problems that are common for cosmetic enhancements, can be faster as well.

Often aimed at adults, although designs have been specifically made for teenagers in mind as well, discreet, removable aligners are taking the world by storm as they are providing individuals with a way to straighten their teeth without needing to visit a dental practice every few weeks. They can straighten their teeth in the comfort of their own home, essentially, with the support available should they want it or need it, to monitor their progress and make sure it is on the right path.

Understanding the different types of braces that are available is the first step in deciding what option will be best for a certain individual. A dentist will be able to gloss over the advantages and disadvantages of each option and upon discussing with their patient what their expectations are and what their lifestyle entails, should be able to guide them into choosing the right device that will meet their needs.

Why are removable aligners a good choice for so many?

The innovative approach to how the procedure works are appealing for many individuals because they have a lot of control over the process which gives them that confidence in the entire system.

During the initial consultation, a scan will be made of the individual’s teeth and this scan will then be projected for them to see. Using digital technology, dentists are able to provide their patients with a visual representation of how the treatment will work; essentially how the teeth will shift over the coming months to become aligned.

The patient, if they agree to carry on with the treatment, will after a couple of weeks be given the first of their aligner trays. They wear this tray for a number of weeks before progressing on to the next tray.

Each tray that they move forward with will bring them that much was closer to their smile goals. They will visit their dentist every few months to pick up the next bundle of trays and to have a one-on-one with their dentist to make sure that they are comfortable with the treatment or that they have no … Read More..