A Tasty Way to Thank Your Office Staff

 Though summer may almost be over, and Summer Friday may be done for the year, but there are many more occasions coming up on the calendar when you can give special perks to your hardworking staff.  And those who work in your office will be gratified to learn that the management appreciates their efforts and loyalty during the dog days of summer and the hectic days of the fall.   One of the best ways to let those who work in the office know they are appreciated is by taking advantage of the tasteful items available from Edible Arrangements.  You can use a Groupon coupon or promo code to get the most attractive designed arrangement at coupons that give you up to 25% off the cost of their most popular items.  You can have an arrangement set out in the office with a message of thanks to the staff.  It can be there for everyone, including patients and guests, to see and admire and appreciate.

 A tasty arrangement of cupcakes or edible flowers may be just the thing to brighten up the office or home.  And our employees and co-workers would appreciate having an item that clearly shows how much their work is appreciated.  One possible strategy might be to have a different arrangement put in the office or workplace each week for the employees to enjoy.  The design and type of arrangement can be dedicated to a particular day, event or anticipated coming event.  After all, Labor Day, Columbus Day and Halloween are just a few of the events just around the corner.  Set aside a Groupon to use to order an arrangement for each of these events and have them delivered for staff to enjoy each time.

The selections offered by Edible Arrangement include special gift baskets as well as unique style arrangements.  And there’s no fear of them being discarded; instead, you might have to set some rules to prevent staff from consuming them before everyone has a look at them.  This can be something that makes your workplace unique.  It is also something that prospective employees and patients will appreciate.  You can let your people know that your office is special because the staff members are special.