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Make Circumcision A Less Stressful Experience For Your Child

Circumcision is an elective surgery that your child can undergo. Not like other emergency surgeries done to patients, elective surgery is something that’s not needed to be done immediately rather, you’re given with a schedule on when the procedure will take place. This will give you enough time to prepare your kiddo for their upcoming surgery but for your kids, this only makes them more anxious about it.

The great news is, there are several steps you can take to make your child feel less anxious and more comfortable of the procedure. The key in helping your child prepare for their circumcision is by providing them info regarding the treatment.

Following are tips to do it.

Tip number 1. Explain what the procedure is for and to how it is performed – the fact that children don’t have any clues on what could happen is a big contributor to why they feel scared and stressed out about this medical procedure. The best way you can do to help your child feel better is to talk them the procedure, explain what is going to happen and let them question you.

Odds are, they’ll be more worried about the pain they will feel and thus, it is crucial to reassure them that they will not feel any since they’ll be asleep or numbed during the circumcision.

Tip number 2. Tell them that you’ll be beside them the whole time – there are lots of kids who are scared to be left on their own, what more in unfamiliar places. This is the main reason why it is extremely important to assure them that you will not leave their side when the circumcision is done.

Majority of the hospitals are so accommodating to parents which allow them to stay with their kids all the time so this would not be a problem.

Tip number 3. Give your kid something to look forward – to be able to make the idea of having a circumcision more appealing, be sure to give your kiddo something that they’ll look forward to after the surgery. This is just anything similar to family vacation, a trip to local theme park, a toy they want for long or anything that you know will motivate them. Always remember that the treat is not what important here, it is that they are looking forward for the procedure because of that motivation you’ve given them.

It is worth a shot to follow these tips in trying to calm your child for the procedure.